Where to donate computer monitors?

If you have an old computer monitor lying around that you no longer need, instead of letting it collect dust or throwing it away, consider donating it. Donating your computer monitor is an excellent way to help others in need and reduce electronic waste. Here are some options for where you can donate your computer monitors.

**Goodwill Industries International**

One great organization that accepts computer monitor donations is Goodwill Industries International. They operate thrift stores around the country and are known for accepting a wide range of electronics, including computer monitors. By donating to Goodwill, you can ensure that your monitor finds a new home and helps someone in need.

Goodwill has partnered with Dell to create the Dell Reconnect program, which accepts used computer equipment, including monitors, for responsible recycling or refurbishing. This program not only keeps electronics out of landfills but also creates jobs and training opportunities for individuals facing barriers to employment.

Other Options for Donating Computer Monitors

While Goodwill is an excellent option for donating computer monitors, there are numerous other organizations and programs that also accept these donations. Here are some additional options:

1. Craigslist or Freecycle

Consider posting your monitor on websites such as Craigslist or Freecycle. There may be individuals or organizations in your local community that could benefit from your donation.

2. Local Schools or Nonprofits

Contact local schools or nonprofit organizations in your area to see if they have a need for computer monitors. Many classrooms and community centers would appreciate the opportunity to receive donated monitors.

3. Senior Centers or Retirement Homes

Senior centers or retirement homes often have a need for computer equipment. Donating your monitor to these facilities can help enhance the digital literacy of older adults.

4. Libraries

Public libraries are always in need of computer equipment to provide access to technology for their patrons. Reach out to your local library to inquire about donating your computer monitor.

5. Charitable Organizations

Various charitable organizations, such as The Salvation Army and Habitat for Humanity, may accept computer monitor donations. Contact your local branches to see if they have any active technology donation programs.

6. Schools or Programs for the Visually Impaired

Consider donating your monitor to schools or programs that cater to individuals with visual impairments. These institutions often require specialized computer equipment to assist visually impaired individuals in their daily lives.

7. Recycling Centers

If your monitor is outdated or no longer functional, you can still make an environmentally conscious decision by donating it to a recycling center. Many recycling centers specialize in responsibly disposing of electronic waste.

8. Churches or Community Centers

Religious institutions and community centers often have computer labs or training programs where your donated monitor could make a significant impact.

9. Low-Income Housing Development Organizations

Organizations that develop affordable housing for low-income individuals may have computer labs or communal areas where donated computer monitors can be used.

10. Vocational Training Programs

Vocational training programs or job placement agencies may accept computer monitor donations to assist individuals in developing essential computer skills.

11. Online Donation Platforms

Several online platforms, such as TechSoup, connect donors with nonprofit organizations in need of technology equipment, including computer monitors.

12. Electronic Retailers

Some electronic retailers, such as Best Buy, offer electronics recycling programs that may accept computer monitor donations.

Remember, when donating your computer monitor, make sure it is in working condition or clearly marked if it needs repair. Always contact the organization or program beforehand to inquire about their donation guidelines and requirements.

By donating your computer monitor, you not only extend its lifespan but also provide someone else with the opportunity to benefit from it. So, consider donating and help make a positive impact in your community while reducing electronic waste!

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