How to download photos to instagram from computer?

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media platforms, offering users a space to share their favorite photos with friends and followers. While it is primarily designed for mobile use, there may be times when you want to download photos to Instagram from your computer. Fortunately, there are a few methods you can use to accomplish this task. In this article, we will delve into these methods and provide you with the necessary steps to download photos to Instagram from your computer.

How to download photos to Instagram from your computer:

Method 1: Using the Instagram website

1. Open your preferred web browser and go to the official Instagram website.
2. Log in to your Instagram account using your credentials.
3. Once logged in, click on the profile icon in the top right corner of the screen to access your profile.
4. Browse through your feed or search for the specific photo you wish to download.
5. Right-click on the photo and select “Save image as” to save it to your computer.

Method 2: Using browser extensions

1. Install a browser extension such as “Downloader for Instagram” or “InstaSave”.
2. Once installed, open Instagram in your browser and log in to your account.
3. Find the photo you want to download and click on it to view it in full size.
4. Look for the browser extension icon, usually located near the address bar.
5. Click on the extension icon and select “Download” or a similar option to save the photo to your computer.

The methods mentioned above provide simple and effective ways to download photos to Instagram from your computer. Now, let’s address some frequently asked questions related to this topic:


1. Can I download any photo from Instagram?

No, you can only download photos that have been shared by public Instagram accounts or by private accounts that you follow.

2. Are there any copyright restrictions when downloading Instagram photos?

Downloading and saving Instagram photos for personal use is generally acceptable. However, using someone else’s photo without permission for commercial purposes may infringe copyright laws.

3. What if I don’t have an Instagram account?

Unfortunately, without an Instagram account, you cannot directly download photos from the platform.

4. Is it legal to use browser extensions to download Instagram photos?

Browser extensions that allow you to download Instagram photos are not officially endorsed by Instagram, but their use is generally considered within acceptable limits.

5. Can I download multiple photos at once?

With the methods mentioned, you can only download one photo at a time. There is no built-in feature to download multiple photos simultaneously.

6. How can I ensure the photo quality remains intact?

By using either of the methods mentioned above, the photo will be saved in its original quality, provided it was uploaded in high resolution.

7. Can I download videos from Instagram using these methods?

No, these methods only work for downloading photos. To download videos from Instagram, you will need to explore different options.

8. Can I download Instagram photos on a Mac?

Yes, both methods mentioned in this article work on Mac computers as well.

9. Can I use these methods on mobile devices?

The methods discussed here are primarily targeted for computers. However, you can try using a browser on your mobile device to access Instagram’s website and download photos.

10. Are there any alternatives to browser extensions?

Yes, there are various third-party software applications available that specialize in downloading Instagram photos. However, be cautious when downloading such software from the internet and ensure it comes from a trusted source.

11. Can I download Instagram photos without logging in?

No, since Instagram requires users to have an account, logging in is necessary to access and download photos.

12. What can I do if the photo download fails?

If you encounter difficulties downloading a photo, try refreshing the webpage or restarting your browser. If the issue persists, you can attempt to use another browser or seek support from the browser extension’s developer.

In conclusion, downloading photos to Instagram from your computer can be accomplished through the Instagram website or by using browser extensions. While these methods are straightforward, it’s important to keep in mind any copyright restrictions and respect the original creator’s rights. With the information provided, you should now be able to successfully download your desired Instagram photos with ease. Happy downloading!

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