How to change lights on msi laptop?

**How to Change Lights on MSI Laptop?**

Mistubishi Electric, more commonly known as MSI, is a renowned brand in the world of gaming laptops. MSI laptops are not only powerful and versatile but also offer exciting customization options. One of the prominent features that MSI laptops provide is the ability to change the lights on the laptop. By personalizing the lighting effects, you can enhance your gaming experience and add a touch of style to your laptop. In this article, we will guide you through the process of changing lights on an MSI laptop. So, let’s get started!

**Step 1: Accessing MSI Dragon Center**
To change the lights on your MSI laptop, you need to access the MSI Dragon Center software. This software enables you to control various aspects of your laptop, including the lighting effects. Locate the Dragon Center icon on your desktop or search for it in the Start menu and open the application.

**Step 2: Selecting Mystic Light**
Once you have opened the Dragon Center, you will find various options to customize your MSI laptop. Look for the “Mystic Light” tab and click on it. Mystic Light is the feature that grants you the ability to modify the lights on your laptop.

**Step 3: Choosing a Lighting Effect**
Now that you have entered the Mystic Light settings, you will be presented with numerous lighting effect options to choose from. These include static, breathing, flash, double flash, and more. Select the effect that appeals to you the most and suits your preferences.

**Step 4: Adjusting Colors**
After selecting a lighting effect, you can further customize it by adjusting the colors. MSI laptops often offer a range of vibrant color options. Some models even provide RGB lighting, which grants you the freedom to personalize each key individually. Experiment with various colors until you achieve the desired aesthetic.

**Step 5: Applying Lighting to Different Zones**
Many MSI gaming laptops also feature multiple lighting zones, allowing you to apply different lighting effects to different areas of the laptop. Explore the Mystic Light settings to identify the available lighting zones and apply unique effects to each zone if that option is available for your laptop model.

**Step 6: Saving Your Settings**
Once you have selected the lighting effects and colors according to your preference, it’s essential to save your settings. Locate the “Save” or “Apply” button in the Mystic Light tab and click on it. This will ensure your chosen lighting effects persist even after the laptop restarts.


1. How do I reset the lights on my MSI laptop to default?

To reset the lights on your MSI laptop to the default settings, open the Dragon Center, go to the Mystic Light tab, and choose the “Default” option. Then save the settings.

2. Can I control the lights on my MSI laptop without the Dragon Center software?

To fully control and customize the lighting effects on an MSI laptop, you need to use the Dragon Center software. However, some basic lighting controls may be available through the BIOS settings.

3. Why are the lights on my MSI laptop not changing?

If the lights on your MSI laptop are not changing, ensure that the Dragon Center software is installed and up to date. Restart your laptop and try changing the lighting effects again.

4. How can I create my own lighting effect on an MSI laptop?

Unfortunately, MSI laptops do not provide the ability to create custom lighting effects. You can only choose from the predefined effects and customize them according to your preferences.

5. Can I sync the lights on my MSI laptop with other peripherals?

Yes, MSI laptops often support synchronizing the lighting effects with other compatible peripherals. Check the Mystic Light settings to enable synchronization and connect your peripherals to your laptop.

6. Does changing the lights on my MSI laptop affect its performance?

No, changing the lights on your MSI laptop does not impact its performance. The lighting effects are controlled by dedicated circuitry and have no effect on the laptop’s internal components.

7. Can I change the lights on an older MSI laptop?

The ability to change lights on an MSI laptop may vary depending on the model and its specifications. Older models might have limited or no customization options for lights.

8. How often can I change the lights on my MSI laptop?

You can change the lights on your MSI laptop as frequently as you like. The settings are entirely customizable and can be modified whenever you wish.

9. Are there any additional tools I can use to customize the lights on my MSI laptop?

Apart from the MSI Dragon Center software, no additional tools are required to customize the lights on your MSI laptop. The Dragon Center offers a comprehensive range of options to personalize your lighting effects.

10. Can I turn off the lights on my MSI laptop completely?

Yes, MSI laptops enable you to turn off the lights completely. To do this, go to the Mystic Light settings in the Dragon Center and select the “Off” option.

11. Can I install third-party software to change the lights on my MSI laptop?

Although it is not recommended, some third-party software may provide limited compatibility with MSI laptops. However, it is always best to stick to the official Dragon Center software for optimal performance and compatibility.

12. Will customizing the lights on my MSI laptop void the warranty?

No, customizing the lights on your MSI laptop does not void the warranty. MSI encourages users to personalize their laptops and provides warranty coverage for their laptops, irrespective of lighting customizations.

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