Where is ASUS laptop serial number?

Every ASUS laptop comes with a unique serial number that is essential for various warranty-related purposes and product identification. Locating the serial number is a straightforward process, and you can find it in one of several places, depending on the particular laptop model you own.

1. Underneath the Laptop

One common location to find the ASUS laptop serial number is on the bottom of the device. Flip your laptop over and have a look at the labels or stickers present on the underside. The serial number is typically printed on one of these labels, along with other key information such as the model number and manufacturing date.

2. Battery Compartment

In some ASUS laptop models, the serial number may be located within the battery compartment. For these models, you will need to remove the battery to access the sticker or label where the serial number is printed.

3. BIOS Settings

In certain cases, the ASUS laptop serial number can be found in the BIOS settings of your device. To access the BIOS, restart your laptop and repeatedly press the appropriate key, such as F2 or Del, during the boot-up process. Once in the BIOS settings, navigate to the system information section, where you may find the serial number listed.

4. Windows System Information

You can also find the ASUS laptop serial number through the Windows system information. Open the Start menu, search for “System Information,” and click on the corresponding result. In the System Information window, the serial number will be displayed under the System Summary section.

5. ASUS Support Website

If you are unable to find the serial number on your laptop physically, you can visit the ASUS support website for assistance. Once there, navigate to the “Product Support” or “Support” section, enter your laptop’s model number, and the website should provide you with detailed information about your device, including the serial number.

6. The Original Packaging

If you have kept the original packaging of your ASUS laptop, you can easily find the serial number printed on the box itself. The packaging often includes a label or sticker that presents the necessary information.

7. Invoice or Purchase Receipt

The invoice or purchase receipt of your ASUS laptop usually includes the serial number. Take a look at the receipt provided by the retailer or the confirmation email you received when purchasing the device online.

8. Service Center

If you require assistance from an ASUS service center, they will need your laptop’s serial number to provide you with the appropriate support. In some cases, they may be able to identify your device through other means, such as the model number or unique physical features in the absence of a serial number.

9. ASUS Mobile App

ASUS offers a mobile app called “ASUS Device Discovery,” which can help you find your laptop’s serial number wirelessly. Install the app on your smartphone or tablet, ensure your laptop is connected to the same Wi-Fi network, and launch the app. It will scan and display the serial number of your ASUS laptop.

10. ASUS Live Update Utility

For Windows users, the ASUS Live Update utility can also provide the serial number of your laptop. Launch the utility on your device and navigate to the system information section, where the serial number should be listed.

11. ASUS Product Registration

If you have previously registered your ASUS laptop, you can log in to the ASUS product registration website and access your registered products’ information, including the serial number.

12. Contact ASUS Support

If all else fails, reaching out to ASUS support via their website, email, or phone can help you find the serial number of your laptop. Provide them with the necessary details, such as the model number and any other identifying information, and they will assist you further.

Where is ASUS laptop serial number? The serial number can typically be found underneath the laptop, in the battery compartment, within the BIOS settings, and through Windows system information.

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