What tvs have HDMI earc?

What TVs have HDMI eARC?

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) eARC (enhanced Audio Return Channel) is a feature that allows high-quality audio transmission from a TV to an external audio device, such as a soundbar or an AV receiver. It allows for more advanced audio formats like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X to be passed through the HDMI connection, providing an immersive audio experience. So, if you’re in the market for a new TV and want to ensure it has the HDMI eARC feature, here are some options:



LG is one of the leading manufacturers that includes HDMI eARC support in its OLED television lineup. Their OLED TVs offer stunning picture quality and come equipped with HDMI eARC, allowing you to connect them to compatible audio devices.


Sony Bravia TVs:

Sony’s Bravia series of televisions also feature HDMI eARC. These TVs not only deliver outstanding picture quality but also ensure a high-quality audio experience through the enhanced audio return channel.


Samsung QLED TVs:

Samsung QLED TVs are renowned for their vibrant colors and impressive picture quality. Some of the newer models in the QLED lineup support HDMI eARC, enabling seamless audio transmission to compatible external audio devices.


Vizio TVs:

Vizio offers a range of TVs that incorporate HDMI eARC. Whether you’re looking for an affordable option or a high-end model, Vizio has you covered with various sizes and feature sets.


Hisense TVs:

Hisense is another brand that includes HDMI eARC functionality in its television lineup. With different models and screen sizes available, you can find the right TV for your needs, equipped with the enhanced audio return channel.


TCL Roku TVs:

TCL’s Roku TVs have gained popularity for their affordability and user-friendly interface. Some of their newer models incorporate HDMI eARC, allowing you to enjoy high-quality audio when connected to compatible audio devices.


Panasonic TVs:

Panasonic offers TVs with HDMI eARC support, ensuring a seamless audio connection to external devices. These TVs are known for their picture quality and smart features.


Philips TVs:

Philips also includes HDMI eARC in some of its television models, providing an enhanced audio experience for users connecting external audio devices.


Sharp TVs:

Sharp offers a range of televisions that support HDMI eARC, enabling users to enjoy immersive audio along with their stunning visuals.



JVC TVs are equipped with HDMI eARC, allowing you to connect them to compatible audio devices and enjoy high-quality audio transmission.


Pioneer TVs:

Pioneer offers TVs that support HDMI eARC, ensuring the delivery of superior audio when connected to external audio devices.


Hitachi TVs:

Hitachi includes HDMI eARC functionality in some of its television models, giving users the option to connect to audio devices capable of transmitting advanced audio formats.

In conclusion, several renowned TV brands incorporate HDMI eARC in their television models. LG OLED TVs, Sony Bravia TVs, Samsung QLED TVs, Vizio TVs, Hisense TVs, TCL Roku TVs, Panasonic TVs, Philips TVs, Sharp TVs, JVC TVs, Pioneer TVs, and Hitachi TVs are among the brands that offer HDMI eARC support. So, if you’re looking for a TV with enhanced audio capabilities, be sure to check out the models from these manufacturers.

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