What to do when your bored on laptop?

We’ve all been there – sitting in front of our laptops with a seemingly endless amount of time on our hands, but no idea what to do. Whether you’re experiencing a lazy day or simply looking for something to occupy your time, there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained and productive. So, if you’re wondering what to do when you’re bored on your laptop, read on for some exciting ideas!

The Answer: Find Your Passion Online

**When you’re bored on your laptop, why not consider exploring your passions online?** The internet is a treasure trove of resources that can help you discover and pursue your interests. Whether you’re into art, music, cooking, or photography, there are countless websites, forums, and communities where you can meet like-minded individuals, learn new skills, and find inspiration.

If you prefer a more interactive experience, you can join online courses or workshops to enhance your knowledge and expertise. Platforms like Udemy, Coursera, and Skillshare offer a multitude of courses on various subjects – from coding and graphic design to creative writing and digital marketing. Embrace the opportunity to broaden your horizons and invest your time in self-improvement.

Now that you know the ultimate answer to the question, let’s address some other common concerns that may arise when you find yourself bored on your laptop:

1. Can I play games?

Absolutely! If you’re a gaming enthusiast, there are countless online, multiplayer, and downloadable games available. From action-packed adventures to brain teasers and strategy games, you’re sure to find something that appeals to your gaming preferences.

2. How about watching movies or TV shows?

Dive into the world of entertainment! Platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime offer an extensive library of movies and TV shows to keep you engrossed for hours on end.

3. Are there any free e-books available?

Definitely! You can find a vast collection of free e-books online. Websites like Project Gutenberg and Open Library are dedicated to preserving and digitizing books that are in the public domain, making them accessible to everyone.

4. Can I start a blog or write creatively?

Absolutely! Blogging is a fantastic way to express yourself and connect with others who share similar interests. Platforms like WordPress and Blogger offer free and user-friendly tools to help you get started. If creative writing is your passion, consider participating in online writing communities where you can share your work and receive feedback.

5. How about exploring new recipes and cooking?

The internet is brimming with mouthwatering recipes and cooking tutorials. Websites like AllRecipes and Food Network provide a diverse range of recipes to tickle your taste buds. Challenge yourself to try new dishes or experiment in the kitchen!

6. Can I learn to play a musical instrument?

Absolutely! Many online platforms offer music lessons for various instruments. You can choose to learn through interactive video tutorials or even take virtual lessons with professional musicians.

7. How about trying out digital art?

Digital art is a wonderful way to unleash your creativity. There are various software and online tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Procreate that you can use to create stunning digital artwork. Join online art communities to share your creations and gain inspiration from others.

8. Can I explore virtual museums and galleries?

Definitely! Many world-renowned museums and galleries offer virtual tours and exhibitions. Take a virtual stroll through the Louvre in Paris or explore the works of art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York from the comfort of your own home.

9. How can I improve my photography skills?

The internet is packed with photography tutorials and resources. You can learn about composition, lighting, and post-processing techniques through online classes or even by following photography blogs and YouTube channels.

10. Can I volunteer or engage in social causes online?

Absolutely! There are various platforms that allow you to contribute to social causes and volunteer your time remotely. You can participate in online fundraisers, join virtual volunteering programs, or lend your skills to organizations in need.

11. How about organizing my digital life and decluttering?

When you’re bored, why not take the opportunity to declutter your laptop? Organize your files, delete unnecessary documents, and create a more streamlined and efficient digital workspace.

12. Can I explore new podcasts or start my own?

Definitely! Podcasts have gained immense popularity in recent years. There are countless podcasts on various topics, so you’re sure to find one that aligns with your interests. If you have a unique perspective or knowledge to share, consider starting your own podcast and becoming a part of the growing podcasting community.


When boredom strikes, your laptop becomes more than just a device – it becomes a gateway to endless possibilities. Whether you choose to enhance your skills, unleash your creativity, or indulge in entertainment, the internet offers a variety of options to keep you engaged and entertained. So, the next time you find yourself wondering what to do when you’re bored on your laptop, remember that the virtual world is at your fingertips, waiting to be explored!

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