What is the command prompt to restart a computer?

If you are looking for a way to restart your computer using the command prompt, you are in the right place. The command prompt, also known as cmd.exe or Command Prompt, is a powerful tool that allows you to execute commands and perform various actions on your computer without the need for a graphical user interface.

To restart your computer using the command prompt, simply follow these steps:

1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard or click the Start button to open the Start menu.
2. Type “cmd” in the search bar and press Enter. This will open the command prompt window.
3. In the command prompt window, type the following command: shutdown /r
4. Press Enter to execute the command.

Once you hit Enter, the restart process will begin, and your computer will reboot shortly. It is important to save any unsaved work before executing this command, as restarting your computer will close all open applications and files.


1. How long does it take for a computer to restart?

The time it takes for a computer to restart can vary depending on factors such as the computer’s hardware, the number of applications running, and the operating system. On average, it usually takes a few minutes for a computer to fully restart.

2. Can I specify a time for the computer to restart?

Yes, you can specify a time for the computer to restart using the command prompt. By adding the “/t” parameter followed by the number of seconds, you can set a specific timer for the restart. For example, “shutdown /r /t 3600” will restart your computer after 3600 seconds (1 hour).

3. Is there a command to schedule a restart at a specific date and time?

Yes, you can schedule a restart at a specific date and time using the “schtasks” command in the command prompt. It allows you to create a scheduled task to restart your computer. An example command would be: “schtasks /create /tn RestartTask /tr shutdown /r /st 20:00” to schedule a restart at 8:00 PM.

4. What command can I use to shut down the computer instead of restarting it?

To shut down the computer through the command prompt, you can use the “shutdown /s” command. This command initiates the shutdown process and turns off the computer instead of restarting it.

5. Can I cancel a restart command that I have already executed?

Yes, you can cancel a restart command by opening the command prompt and typing “shutdown /a” followed by Enter. This will abort the restart process if it has been initiated but has not yet completed.

6. Is it possible to restart a remote computer using the command prompt?

Yes, you can utilize the “shutdown” command with the “/m” parameter followed by the hostname or IP address of the remote computer. For example, “shutdown /r /m \remote_computer_name” will restart the remote computer.

7. Can the command prompt restart a computer running on macOS or Linux?

No, the command prompt is specific to Windows operating systems. macOS and Linux have their own respective command-line interfaces, such as Terminal on macOS and Terminal or Shell on Linux, which offer similar functionalities.

8. Is there a shortcut to open the command prompt?

Yes, you can press the Windows key + R on your keyboard to open the Run dialog box. Then, type “cmd” and press Enter to open the command prompt window.

9. Are there any other ways to restart a computer without using the command prompt?

Yes, there are alternative ways to restart a computer. You can use the power options in the Start menu, the physical power button on the computer itself, or the Ctrl+Alt+Delete screen to access the restart option.

10. Can I run other commands while the computer is restarting?

No, once the restart process begins, the computer’s operating system is shut down, and you will not be able to execute any commands until the computer has fully restarted.

11. What other functions can I perform using the command prompt?

The command prompt offers a wide range of functionalities, including file and folder management, network diagnostics, system configuration, and much more. It is an essential tool for power users and administrators.

12. Can I customize the appearance of the command prompt window?

Yes, you can customize the appearance by right-clicking on the title bar of the command prompt window, selecting “Properties,” and adjusting various settings like font size, color, and background.

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