What ethernet cable is best for ps4?

When it comes to online gaming, a stable and reliable internet connection is of utmost importance. While a wireless connection can do the job, using an Ethernet cable for your PlayStation 4 (PS4) can provide a more consistent and faster connection. But with a variety of Ethernet cables available in the market, which one is the best for your PS4? Let’s explore the options and find the answer to the question: **What Ethernet cable is best for PS4?**

Choosing the Right Ethernet Cable for Your PS4

Finding the best Ethernet cable for your PS4 involves considering a few key factors: cable type, speed, and length. Let’s dive into each of them and discover the ideal Ethernet cable for your gaming needs.

Cable Type

When it comes to the cable type, **Cat 6a** (Category 6 Augmented) is the ideal choice for PS4 gaming. Cat 6a cables offer higher bandwidth and reduced interference, resulting in faster and more stable connections.


While most Ethernet cables can handle the speeds required for online gaming, it’s recommended to choose a cable that supports **at least 1 Gbps (Gigabit per second)**. This bandwidth will ensure a smooth gaming experience with minimal lag and latency.


The length of the Ethernet cable will depend on your gaming setup. However, it’s important to note that **longer cables can lead to signal degradation and slower speeds**. Choose a cable length that best suits your gaming area, avoiding unnecessary excess cable.

Extra Features

Some Ethernet cables come with additional features, such as gold-plated connectors or shielding. While these features can help improve the overall quality of the connection, they are not essential for a gaming setup. Focus primarily on the cable type, speed, and length, as mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use a Cat 5e cable for my PS4?

Yes, you can use a Cat 5e cable for your PS4, but it won’t offer the same level of performance as a Cat 6a cable.

2. Are flat Ethernet cables suitable for PS4 gaming?

Yes, flat Ethernet cables can be used for PS4 gaming, but they may not be as durable as round cables.

3. Can I use a longer Ethernet cable without losing speed?

Ideally, it’s better to keep the Ethernet cable length shorter to maintain optimal speed and signal quality.

4. Is it worth investing in a higher-priced Ethernet cable?

In most cases, the price of the Ethernet cable won’t significantly affect its performance. A mid-range, reliable cable will generally suffice.

5. Are all Ethernet cables the same?

No, Ethernet cables differ in terms of speed, bandwidth, and capabilities. Choosing the right cable is crucial for optimal performance.

6. Can I use a Cat 8 cable for my PS4?

While technically compatible, a Cat 8 cable’s performance is unnecessary for PS4 gaming and may result in unnecessary extra expenses.

7. Do I need to upgrade my Ethernet cable if I have a slow internet connection?

Upgrading your Ethernet cable may improve stability and signal quality but won’t directly boost your internet speeds.

8. Can I use a Cat 7 cable for my PS4?

Cat 7 cables offer similar performance to Cat 6a cables and are compatible with the PS4. However, they may be more expensive.

9. Are there any wireless alternatives to Ethernet cables for PS4?

While wireless connections are an option, Ethernet cables provide a more stable and reliable connection, particularly for online gaming.

10. Will any Ethernet cable work with my PS4?

Most Ethernet cables will work with your PS4, but for optimal performance, it’s recommended to choose a Cat 6a cable.

11. Can I use an old telephone cable as an Ethernet cable for my PS4?

No, telephone cables are not suitable for Ethernet connections as they have different wiring configurations and cannot support the required bandwidth.

12. Do I need to manually configure anything after connecting an Ethernet cable to my PS4?

In most cases, your PS4 should automatically recognize the Ethernet connection. However, you can check your network settings to ensure the proper connection and configure any specific settings if required.


When it comes to PS4 gaming, choosing the right Ethernet cable is crucial for a stable and reliable internet connection. Opting for a Cat 6a cable with a speed of at least 1 Gbps will provide the best performance for your gaming needs. Remember to consider cable length, choose a suitable cable type, and prioritize performance over additional features. By making an informed choice, you can enjoy a seamless online gaming experience on your PS4.

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