What do you type on the computer in black ops?

What do you type on the computer in black ops?

In the popular video game franchise, Call of Duty: Black Ops, players frequently encounter various computer terminals that require specific commands to be entered. These terminals offer a range of functions, including accessing classified information, hacking into enemy systems, and retrieving valuable data. The question arises, what exactly do you type on the computer in Black Ops? Let’s delve into this intriguing topic and discover the secrets behind these virtual terminals.

The process of interacting with the computer terminals in Black Ops involves a combination of keystrokes and commands. Players must be observant, gather information from their surroundings, and input the appropriate codes to progress through the game. While the exact commands may vary depending on the specific mission or level, a few key commands are commonly utilized.

**The primary command used on the computer terminals in Black Ops is “DIR,” which stands for directory. This command allows players to view the files stored on the virtual computer system. After entering “DIR,” a list of available files will be displayed, providing players with potential leads and clues to move forward.**

Additionally, players might encounter situations where they need to access restricted files. In such cases, the command “CD” can be employed, followed by the name of the file directory the player wishes to access. This command enables players to navigate through the computer system and gain access to hidden or sensitive data.


1. How do I know which commands to use in Black Ops?

Answer: Pay close attention to the information provided in the game. Clues, hints, and objective descriptions often provide hints about what commands to use.

2. Are there any commands besides “DIR” and “CD” in Black Ops?

Answer: While “DIR” and “CD” are the most commonly used commands, players may encounter additional commands in specific missions or levels of the game.

3. Can I hack enemy systems in Black Ops?

Answer: Yes, in certain missions, players can use hacking commands to breach enemy defenses and access their systems.

4. Are there any consequences for entering incorrect commands?

Answer: Yes, entering incorrect commands can sometimes trigger alarms, alert enemies to your presence, or even result in mission failure.

5. How can I find the proper file directory to input the “CD” command?

Answer: Look for hints or information within the game that may lead you to the correct file directory. This can include mission briefings, hidden messages, or environmental cues.

6. Can I access classified information through the computer terminals?

Answer: Yes, certain missions allow players to uncover classified information by entering the appropriate commands and accessing specific files.

7. Are the commands the same for all versions of Black Ops?

Answer: The specific commands may vary slightly depending on the version or installment of Black Ops you are playing. However, most of the basic commands remain consistent.

8. What happens if I miss a crucial command?

Answer: Missing a crucial command may result in being unable to progress in the game or accessing vital information. Players must remain attentive to ensure they do not miss any essential commands.

9. Can I input any additional commands beyond “DIR” and “CD”?

Answer: Although those two commands are the most commonly used, there may be specific instances in which additional commands are required or relevant to the mission.

10. Do I need previous knowledge of coding to play the Black Ops computer terminal segments?

Answer: No, a basic understanding of coding or programming is not necessary to successfully navigate the computer terminals in Black Ops. The game provides sufficient information and hints to guide players.

11. Can the computer terminals be used for more than just progressing the story?

Answer: Yes, in certain instances, computer terminals can provide additional side quests, easter eggs, or valuable bonus content that enhances the gameplay experience.

12. Are there any rewards for successfully typing commands on the computer?

Answer: Yes, successfully inputting the correct commands may unlock new intel, weapons, or hidden areas that can aid players in their missions.

Exploring the thrilling world of Black Ops involves not only mastering combat skills but also unraveling the mysteries of the computer terminals. By typing the right commands, players can dive deeper into the game’s intricate narrative, uncover hidden secrets, and complete objectives. So gear up, enter the virtual world, and type your way to victory in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

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