What button is delete on a 60 keyboard?

If you’re new to a 60% keyboard or just curious about its layout, you may be wondering what button replaces the delete key. With a compact design, 60% keyboards don’t have a dedicated delete key. However, there’s a specific alternative button that serves the same purpose. So, let’s find out what button is used for deleting on a 60% keyboard.

The answer:

**The button that replaces the delete key on a 60% keyboard is the “Fn + Backspace” combination.**

On a 60% keyboard, the size reduction often leads to the removal of certain keys, such as dedicated arrow keys, function keys, and the delete key. Despite this, the designers of these keyboards have incorporated a functional solution to overcome the absence of a dedicated delete key.

The “Fn + Backspace” combination serves as a substitute for the delete key. By simultaneously pressing the “Fn” key, usually located on the bottom row, and the backspace key, you can effectively delete characters to the right of the cursor, just like the delete key on a full-size keyboard.

This configuration allows users with 60% keyboards to maintain the desired compact form factor while still having access to the delete functionality.


1. Can I remap the “Fn + Backspace” combination to another key?

Yes, many 60% keyboard models support customization and allow users to remap keys according to their preferences and needs.

2. Are there any other alternatives to the “Fn + Backspace” combination?

While the “Fn + Backspace” is the standard solution used on most 60% keyboards, some models may offer other configurations or allow for further customization options.

3. How do I adjust the backlighting on a 60% keyboard?

The method for adjusting backlighting varies depending on the keyboard model. However, it typically involves using a combination of function keys, such as “Fn + F1” or “Fn + Insert.”

4. Do 60% keyboards lack any other essential keys?

In addition to the delete key, 60% keyboards often omit other keys such as the numpad, function keys, and arrow keys. However, these functions are usually accessed through key combinations.

5. What are the advantages of using a 60% keyboard?

Some advantages of using a 60% keyboard include its compact form factor, portability, and the ability to efficiently utilize desk space. Additionally, it can promote ergonomic typing by reducing hand movement.

6. Are 60% keyboards suitable for programming and gaming?

Yes, 60% keyboards are suitable for programming and gaming, though it might take some time to adjust to the smaller layout. Most programmable models can be customized to accommodate specific needs.

7. Can I connect a 60% keyboard to multiple devices?

Yes, many 60% keyboards support Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect them to multiple devices simultaneously.

8. Are there any disadvantages of using a 60% keyboard?

While 60% keyboards offer compactness, they may not be suitable for individuals who heavily rely on function keys or numpads. The smaller layout can take some getting used to, especially for those with larger hands.

9. Can I type as fast on a 60% keyboard as on a full-size one?

The typing speed on a 60% keyboard may vary depending on personal preference and practice. Once familiar with the layout, many users find they can type just as quickly as on a full-sized keyboard.

10. Are there any unique features on 60% keyboards?

Yes, some 60% keyboards come equipped with additional features, such as customizable macros, multimedia keys, and dedicated software for further customization.

11. Are there any specific brands known for their quality 60% keyboards?

Several renowned keyboard manufacturers, including Ducky, Anne Pro, and Vortex, produce high-quality 60% keyboards known for their reliability and performance.

12. Can I connect additional peripherals to a 60% keyboard?

Most 60% keyboards offer a standard USB interface, allowing you to connect other peripherals such as a mouse or headset. Additionally, some models provide extra USB ports for convenience.

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