What are keywords in computer?


Keywords are vital components of computer programming languages. They play a crucial role in defining, identifying, and controlling specific actions performed by a computer. In computer programming, keywords are predetermined reserved words that possess predefined meanings and cannot be used as variables or function names. Understanding and utilizing keywords are essential for writing efficient and effective code.

What are Keywords?

Keywords, in the context of computer programming, are reserved words that carry predefined meanings within a programming language. These predefined meanings enable the computer to identify specific instructions or operations to be executed. Keywords are used to declare variables, invoke functions, control flow, and implement other programming constructs. They provide a standardized vocabulary for writing code and ensure code readability and consistency.

Keywords represent a set of words or symbols that are not allowed to be used as identifiers (such as variable names) in programming languages.

Frequently Asked Questions on Keywords

1. What is the significance of keywords in computer programming?

Keywords are critical for establishing the structure and logic of a computer program. They provide predefined meanings that guide the computer in executing specific tasks based on the programmer’s intentions.

2. Is the set of keywords the same for all programming languages?

No, different programming languages have their own set of keywords. While some keywords might be common across languages, many are specific to a particular programming language. Examples of common keywords include “if,” “for,” and “while.”

3. Can keywords be modified or redefined?

No, keywords are part of the programming language’s syntax and cannot be modified or redefined. They are reserved exclusively for their predefined purposes.

4. How do keywords affect code readability?

Keywords enhance code readability by providing a consistent and familiar structure. They make it easier for programmers to understand and interpret each other’s code, reducing ambiguity and increasing collaboration.

5. Where can I find a comprehensive list of keywords for a specific programming language?

The documentation or official website of the programming language is the best place to find a complete list of keywords for that language.

6. Can keywords be used as variable names or identifiers?

No, keywords cannot be used as variable names or identifiers because they are reserved by the programming language to represent specific actions or functionalities.

7. Are keywords case-sensitive?

It depends on the programming language. Some languages treat keywords as case-insensitive, while others are case-sensitive. Consequently, using lowercase or uppercase letters might result in different interpretations by the language.

8. How should one use keywords properly?

Keywords should be used according to the syntax rules of the specific programming language. Adhering to these rules ensures compatibility, avoids errors, and enables smooth code execution.

9. Can new keywords be added to existing programming languages?

No, adding new keywords to existing programming languages is typically not possible. Modifying keywords would require altering the language’s specifications, which could result in compatibility issues and break existing code.

10. Are keywords the same in different versions of the same programming language?

In most cases, the set of keywords remains consistent across different versions of the same programming language. However, new versions might introduce additional keywords or deprecate unused ones.

11. How can one avoid conflicts with keywords in programming?

By following programming language conventions and avoiding the use of reserved keywords as variable names or identifiers, conflicts can be easily avoided.

12. Can the meaning of a keyword change over time?

While it is highly unlikely, the meaning of a keyword rarely changes over time. However, it is always essential to refer to the official documentation or resources specific to the programming language to ensure up-to-date information.


In computer programming, keywords are pre-defined reserved words used to identify specific instructions and actions within a programming language. They improve code structure, readability, and maintainability by providing a consistent vocabulary for expressing program logic. It is crucial for programmers to understand and utilize keywords effectively to write efficient and error-free code.

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