Whatʼs the command key on a pc keyboard?

Whatʼs the command key on a PC keyboard?

The command key is a modifier key used on Apple keyboards. It is denoted by a symbol that looks like a cloverleaf, or more commonly known as the “Apple key.” However, on a PC keyboard, there is no dedicated command key. Instead, the closest equivalent on a PC keyboard is the Windows key.

The Windows key, marked with the Windows logo (⊞ Win), is the primary modifier key on a PC keyboard. It is used in combination with other keys to execute various commands and shortcuts. By pressing the Windows key, users can access the Start menu, open or close applications, and navigate the operating system efficiently.


1. Are the command key and the Windows key the same thing?

No, they are not the exact same thing, but they serve similar functionalities on different operating systems.

2. Can I use the command key shortcuts on a PC?

Most command key shortcuts that are relevant to specific tasks on a Mac won’t work on a PC. However, many equivalent keyboard shortcuts exist for common operations on both platforms.

3. What are some examples of common Windows key shortcuts?

There are numerous Windows key shortcuts, including Win + D (show desktop), Win + L (lock the computer), and Win + E (open File Explorer).

4. Is there a way to remap the Windows key on a PC?

Yes, it is possible to remap the Windows key to perform different actions or behave as a different key using third-party software or through the operating system’s settings.

5. Can I use a PC keyboard on a Mac?

Yes, PC keyboards can be used on a Mac. However, keep in mind that the layout and functionality of certain keys might differ.

6. Is there a shortcut to mimic the command key on a PC?

While there is no exact replacement for the command key, you can often achieve similar results by using the Control (Ctrl) key instead. However, not all command key shortcuts have direct Ctrl key equivalents.

7. What does the command key do on a Mac?

The command key on a Mac is used to perform various tasks, such as copying and pasting, opening applications, saving files, taking screenshots, and executing other keyboard shortcuts specific to macOS.

8. Why did PC keyboards choose to use the Windows key instead of the command key?

The Windows key was introduced by Microsoft as a way to provide quick access to the Start menu and enhance the overall user experience on Windows systems.

9. Are there alternative names for the command key on a Mac?

Yes, some people refer to the command key as the “Apple key,” “propeller key,” or “clover key.”

10. Can I remap the command key on a Mac?

Yes, macOS allows users to remap certain keys, including the command key, using built-in settings or third-party software.

11. Do all PC keyboards have a Windows key?

Most modern PC keyboards have a Windows key. However, certain specialized keyboards, such as some gaming keyboards or compact models, may not include it.

12. Can I disable the Windows key on a PC?

Yes, Windows allows users to disable the Windows key through the operating system’s settings or using third-party software. This can prevent accidental activation and interruption during gaming or other specific tasks.

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