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TOTO Vespin II Toilet Review

TOTO Vespin II Toilet Review

A toilet is one of the most important things in any home. It accounts for about 30% of your home’s water usage.

For this reason, if you have an old, dysfunctional toilet and replacing it with a better toilet is a great idea. Always choose an eco friendly toilet since it is bound to benefit both the environment and the users.

Other factors should come into play too, in helping you find the best toilet on the market. These are for instance its ability to conserve water, its flushing power and its design among others.

This is a complete TOTO Vespin II toilet review to help you make a better decision.

TOTO Vespin II Toilet

Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

How to buy a good toilet

Buying a good toilet is not something that you do in one minute; it takes time and a lot of considerations. To choose a perfect toilet for your home:

1 Consider the different types of toilets available on the market. The different toilet makes and models function differently. You therefore have to know exactly what you are looking for to get to the right choice. There are for instance pressure assisted toilets, gravity assisted toilets, vacuum assisted toilets and power assisted toilets. There are dual flush toilets too and these different toilets function differently.

TOTO Vespin II Toilet

2Consider the toilet’s flushing system. Its flushing power is important because this is what enables it to flush without clogging. Also consider the amount of water it consumers in a single flush. This should tell you just how effective your toilet is in consuming water.

3Determine the best model for your type of bathroom. Under this consideration, there are two types of toilets: the one-piece toilet and the two-piece toilet designs. The one you choose depends on your bathroom setup and the design you love the most. The toilet height and the shape of the toilet seat are important too.


Toto CST474CEFGNo.01 Vespin II Two-Piece High-Efficiency Toilet, with SanaGloss, 1.28-GPF, Cotton

This is a two-piece toilet that features an elongated bowl shape and a universal seat height. These features plus its chrome trip lever makes it ADA compliance. This means that it is a toilet not just for home use but also for public or employees use. The toilet uses a highly efficient double cyclone flushing system that only consumers 1.28 gallons of water per flush. This means that it meets EPA Water Sense certification requirements. The toilet has a SanaGloss finish that ensures that it stays clean for a longer time. This eliminates the need to manually clean the toilet every now and then.

Features and benefits

TOTO Vespin

1 Material and design

The Vespin II toilet is made from vitreous china, an enamel coating applied to ceramics to make it tougher, denser and shinier. It is a two-piece toilet, which makes it extremely easy to install. It also features SanaGloss finish, which keeps it looking clean and shiny, reducing the need for regular manual leaning. The SanaGloss finish also keeps it safe from mold and mildew growth.

2 The flushing system

This toilet model uses a very efficient flushing system called the dual cyclone or the Tornado flush. This is the kind of flush that will force water through two jets in order to increase the efficiency of the flush. The toilet flushes with enough pressure to effectively clean the bowl in just one flush. A single flush consumes only 1.28 gallons of water, which saves a lot of water.

3 Its ability to clean

Thanks to the dual cyclone flushing system and the toilet’s SanaGloss finish, the toilet stays spotlessly clean after every flush. The finish on its surface is also able to prevent any kind of buildup like stains, mold growth and bacteria. You do not have to keep cleaning and scrubbing the toilet in order to enjoy a perfectly clean toilet.

II Toilet

4 Water consumption

Only 1.28galliosn of water are required to completely clean the toilet bowl in one flush. This makes the toilet EPA Water Sense certified as a high-efficiency toilet. What it means is that you might be eligible to get a considerable rebate on your water bill depending on where you live. This translates to a lot of savings every year.

5 Easy installation guaranteed

A two-piece toilet is very easy to install. Besides, it comes with a 12 inch standard rough in and optional 10 inch and 14 inch are available for purchase. You will however need a new seal and toilet seat for complete installation.


The Toto Vespin II toilet is a good choice of toilet as it meets all the requirements of a modern day toilet buyer. It flushes completely in a single flush, stays clean for a long time without manual cleaning and uses only 1.28 gallons of water in a single flush. In addition to that, you will find it very easy to install.

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