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Toto Carlyle-2 Toilet Review – Top Rated Toilet Brand 2021

For a long time now, the Toto brand has brought us some of the best toilets on the market right now. There is no doubt you would also be happy to know that the model you get to pick will deliver on good performance as a toilet. The good news is that the Carlyle-2 model from Toto is here to do just that. Those who are looking to have a good time owning the model should also get to know about its features. It is the reason we get to cover the toilet in this review.

At the end of the review, you will definitely have an idea what the model is all about and why you should get it for yourself right now.

Toto Carlyle-2 Toilet

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Toto Carlyle-2 Toilet Review

The Flushing System

It goes without saying that the flushing system is always going to be important in any toilet. For this model, it boasts of having the double cyclone flushing mechanism. Having this kind of system makes the toilet to flush the waste better than what you get with the other models. This is because the flushing mechanism will create a kind of tornado water flush.

The water will be swirling as it gets into the bowl unlike the way the normal toilet would be flushing. In the end, you have a model that delivers on some good performance that makes it great when it comes to owning one.

If you want to know more about the cyclone flushing technology, you can always check out what the manufacturer says from the official website.

Another thing you will like about its flushing mechanism is that it is quite powerful. It is even better than the E-Max and G-max flushing systems. As a result, more people would want to own this toilet right now. Since the model offers a powerful flush, it will be easy to clear the waste in a single flush.

ADA Compliant

When it comes to certifications, the toilet manufacturers always want to deliver on a model that meets the ADA specifications. This should make the toilet have a wide range of applications. The specifications also make the toilet to be usable by people of different abilities. You will get to like this model for having a design that allows for people of all ages to use it with so much ease.

The model also comes with an elongated bowl. The elongated bowl is crucial for providing more seating space. This means that you get a model that works great to make sure you get to be comfortable when using it. Another top feature is that the model comes with a soft close seat. It should eliminate slamming of the toilet seat as compared to the normal toilet seats.

You will also like the model for having a great universal height. This height is good even for the tall people. As a result, even if you are tall, you can always feel comfortable using it without feeling that the model is a bit strenuous.

Toto Carlyle-2 Toilet Review

Skirted Design

Another thing you will like about the model should be its design. You will find that it does not look anything like your normal toilet. This kind of design makes the model to stand out as one of the best. This definitely make it good for your bathroom when it comes to remodeling.

The model also comes with a satisfying skirted design. This is something that works great when it comes to owning the model right now. When you get to buy it, you can be sure that the model would look good in the bathroom.

The skirted design eliminated nooks and crannies where the dust and dirt often accumulate. On overall, you should get the model being good for cleaning. It will also need less maintenance on overall.

Water Consumption

The model comes as a high efficiency toilet. You can be sure that this model is going to deliver on some good performance features that you can like. The water consumption of this toilet is just 1.28 gallons per flush. As you can see, you get to use a lot less water as compared to what you use with the many other toilets on the market.

The model might use less water, but one thing is for sure, it will still leave the toilet being clean. You can go ahead and get it right now if you are looking to save on your water use starting today.


The installation is always going to vary from one toilet to another. The good news about this model is that it comes with ease of installation. You will be able to set it up with ease compared to some other models on the market.

That being said, you can always hire a professional if you are not confident when it comes to setting up. Being a one-piece model, the installation should not take long.


  • It is ADA compliant
  • Comes with a skirted design
  • Water Sense certified
  • It comes with an elongated bowl
  • It has a soft close seat


  • Installation might need a plumber
  • The seat looks cheap


It is never that easy to go wrong with the Toto toilets. This one goes on to uplift the reputation of the brand to be seen as one of the best on the market right now. As a result, you will always end up with a model that works great to help you feel it was worth spending money on it.

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