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TheraRub Massager Percussion Double Head Electric Massager Review

Don’t you sometimes wish that you could just go to the spa and relax every day? To have that bit of me time that everyone deserves? Or to just get a relaxing massage and feel all your stresses melting away? All this might seem impossible, but not anymore!

The TheraRub Massager Percussion Double Head Electric Massager brings you comfort within your home. This small machine provides you with professional level messages that will help you relax completely. How so? We’ll talk about that in just a bit.

This review will focus on this electric massager and shed light on all you need to know about this wondrous creation of technology. Well then, let’s get started!

TheraRub Massager Percussion Double Head Electric Massager

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


The massager itself is quite sturdy. It is also a full-size handheld massager which measures 14 inches in length and 7 inches in width. The height of the device is 4 inches.

There’s no doubt that the TheraRub massager comes with numerous incredible features. The following are some noteworthy features:

  • Dual Heads

This massager is designed with dual heads which adds more coverage when massaging. Usually, massagers will only come equipped with one head. However, this device stands out because of its unique design. Not only do the dual heads add more coverage but also result in shorter massage sessions. This way, you can get quick and easy pain relief when needed.

heraRub Massager Percussion Double Head Electric Massager

  • Massager Heads

Enclosed with the TheraRub Massager Percussion Double Head Electric Massager, you will find three different massager heads. These are something you get for free when you purchase the device. Each head has a different design and hence, serves a different purpose.

The circular ones provide a more casual and relaxing massage session. They help relieve pent up stress in different parts of the body. If you’re looking for something more intensive to tackle specific pains, then the device offers you two more options.

The first option is the massage heads that will provide a deep tissue massage which will help with two things. The first one is relaxation; it will smooth out the knots and tensions in muscles. The second one is improved blood circulation. Good circulation is very important for the body. It helps deliver oxygen to the body which in turns helps the body relax.

The second option is the massage heads that target specific pains. These kinds of pains can be very uncomfortable. Most of the time, they occur in small areas which are difficult to reach. However, the TheraRub Massager Percussion Double Head Electric Massager achieves that easily. This variation of the massage head can easily tackle pains like that and make them go away in no time!

  • Customizable Massage

You can easily customize your massage experience with this device. This is because the massage heads are not the only features that are changeable. You can also set the speed to your preference. This will help you control the intensity of the massage at any point during your session.

The controls for the speed are very simple and placed where they can easily be accessed when needed. So, if you want something relaxing, you can go for a lower intensity message. Otherwise, you can choose a higher speed for an invigorating massage session which will leave you refreshed.

  • High Power Massage

The device uses a percussion motor. Percussion motors usually have a higher rpm (rotation per minute) limit. The TheraRub Massager Percussion Double Head Electric Massager has a massage speed of 3260 rpm. This means that this massager can easily deliver professional-grade massages in the comfort of your home. This also makes it a great machine for professional use and can be used in spas and salons.

  • Rubber Grip

Another element of this massager’s design is the rubber grip. This covers the entire area where you would generally hold the device. Given the weight of the device, this is a good addition as it prevents it from slipping. The grip is very comfortable and aids in maneuvering the device more effectively.

  • Long Power Cord

The power cord of the massager measures a total of 14 feet. This is more than twice as long than that of your typical massager. Usually, massager cords only go up to 6 feet. However, with his device, you can easily move around the room and choose the spot that is most comfortable. This can also help in spas and salons as you can easily walk around and deal with your clients.

Pros And Cons


  • Provides massages with variable intensity
  • Offers different types of massages for different conditions
  • Provides instant comfort whenever and wherever needed
  • The device can be used both for personal use as well as professional use
  • The extra-long power cord does not restrict mobility
  • It is durable


  • The machine can be a little heavy to hold. This may present a problem for some people.
  • Does not include the vibrating effect


The device comes with a one-year warranty period. Any defective pieces or damaged parts will be taken care of by the manufacturer in this time period. The company will also deal with repairs if the device is brought in within the designated time period.


If you’re looking to invest in a device which can provide you with instant relaxation and comfort, then this device will be a good bargain. The TheraRub Massager Percussion Double Head Electric Massager is also a good option for those on a budget. Not only is the device versatile but the fact that it can be used in multiple settings is also what makes it a good purchase.

It can provide professional massages at your convenience with the percussion motor. Paired with the different massage heads included with the device, it really makes the package much more attractive. One thing is for certain. You can bid all your stress and tensions, (both physical and mental) farewell with the TheraRub Massager Percussion Double Head Electric Massager!

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