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Shark Rocket Complete Review

Having the best vacuum is always important when it comes to getting yourself the best vacuum. It is the reason you might want to get this one for yourself right now. The Shark Rocket complete model is one of the top models on the market right now. It does come with some new features that help a lot when it comes to the cleaning of the house all the time. You should definitely have a good time cleaning your house as you have a top performance model.

So, what are some of the features that make this model that good? We get to see that below with the discussion about its top features.

Shark Rocket Complete

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

Top Features

Dual Clean Technology

Manufacturers are always coming up with some of the best tech to make sure that their vacuums are working great. Well, for this model, you get that it does come with the duo clean technology. With this technology, you get that the model comes with the dual brush system. You get it having the soft brush roll and bristle brush in the same model. It means that you can switch to either depending on the surface and also the dirt.

Shark Rocket Complete Review

When the other models have trouble with cleaning, then this one will have an easy time helping you out. For many people, they always find that the model is really good and can deliver on some quality performance all the time. Getting the best of both worlds with these brushes makes it possible for anyone to enjoy using the model for multiple surfaces. You will always switch the brushes depending on the use.

Brush Roll Garage

Over the years, the design of the vacuum has changed a lot. As a result, you now get what is called a brush roll garage. In the past, to access the motorized brush would mean that you have to remove a couple of screws to access the brush. Now that is different with this model. You will now be able to access the brushes without using any tools.

The brush roll garage uses hinges to pop in and out of the section. Once you pop it out, you can have access to the brushes and do some cleaning if you have to. This is a thumbs up for the design department for making it possible to use it right now.


In addition to just having a good performance, the vacuum is also supposed to be easy to use generally. So, how good is the handle of this model? Well, you will be happy to know that the model does come with some impressive ergonomic handle. This makes it really good when it comes to using it on overall.

It does come with the controls on the handle so that it will be easy to operate the model each time you want to make the changes. The multiple controls definitely make the model quite good in terms of versatility.

Dust Cup

The dust cup for a long time has been something that people always want to see working good. Many people would want a model to have a large dust cup. That being said, you get that this model does come with a dust cup with a good capacity. It might not be the largest on the market, but it is definitely good to hold an impressive amount of dust first.

Shark Rocket

Another thing you will like about the dust cup is that it is easy to empty. This is something great so that you can find using the model being easy. You will have to push a button and the dust cup pops for you to empty it. It is also worth noting that the dust cup is washable so that you have a great time using it right now.

Washable Filters

The filters that you get in a model are always important. The good news about the filters in this model are all washable. You get two filters in total and they are both washable. This means that you will not have to keep spending your money buying brand new filters. Shark recommends that you get to wash them once a month.

Another thing anyone would want to know if the filters are HEPA. Unfortunately, the brand does not mention anything about HEPA. It might be simply that they are not HEPA. As much as that is the case, these filters also do a great job of trapping the dust particles and other debris.

Swivel Steering

Many people are always going to have a good time when it comes to owning this model for having the best steering system. This is because it does come with the advanced swivel steering. The swivel steering has always been a desirable feature that makes the model good in terms of performance all the time. You get that the model will be able to turn and change direction with so much ease. As a result, you can always clean effectively all the time as compared to some models on the market.

Quick Release Mechanism

The model also features the quick release food pedal. This is to help you disconnect the main cleaning head and wand. You will simply have to push a lever with your foot and you are good to go. Since it is a foot pedal, you will not have to bend to remove the wand. This definitely makes it easier to use as compared to some models on the market.

Rocket Complete

LED Lighting

Another thing you will like about the model is that it comes with LED headlights. The LED lights are both on the main cleaning tool and the vacuum itself. The work of these bright LEDs is to help illuminate the path of the areas you seek to clean. It should be possible to track the dirt that would otherwise not be visible in the natural light.

In addition, you get that the model would also be great when it comes to cleaning under the furniture. Such areas tend to be darker. As a result, you should have a model that makes your cleaning work easier.


Another thing that stands out for the model should be the ease of storage. This is because the model comes as compact and lightweight, so getting a place to store it after use should not be much of a problem.

Another way of storage would be through hanging it on a wall mountable bracket. You get that it comes with the product, so you will not have to buy anything additional. Simply drill it and you should be good to use the model on overall.

Weight and Dimensions

For many people, the weight and dimensions are also important when it comes to picking the best vacuum for themselves. You get that this model measures 9.84 x 10.24 x 46.46 inches and weighs 9.9 pounds. As you can see, it is relatively lightweight as compared to some models in its class. You should now have a good time when it comes to using it on overall thanks to having a lightweight nature.

Cleaning Performance

You are always going to have a good time when it comes to cleaning with this model as it does come with some impressive performance capabilities. For those who have used it, they find that it is possible for the model to easily work good for the bare floors. This is thanks to having some good suction power and also the soft beater bar that helps with agitating and pulling up the small particles. You should get the model being good on overall for such a performance.

The good news continues as the model is really good when it comes to cleaning of the carpet. You should have a great time owning the model right now as it will always deliver on some good performance that makes it really good for removing the dirt from your different types of carpets.

Shark Rocket Complete review

So, how about cleaning of pet hair? Well, the model is also good when it comes to cleaning of pet hair. It will be able to deliver on some good performance that you have always wanted. It will always appeal to many users who need a model that works great to keep their homes clean.

Maintenance and Support

Just like any other vacuum, this one also needs a bit of maintenance so that you get to have it working great all the time. The model does come with the option of buying accessories and replacement parts. You can always get them as you never know when you might need to have to change a few parts on the model. The good news is that the parts do not fail easily, so you will not have to do repairs that often.

You also have to empty the dust cup more often. It would be even better if you can empty it after every use to leave the model looking clean all the time. The same thing goes for the filters. For them, you have to wash them every month to ensure they get to work great all the time.

You will also find that it is possible to contact the customer care of Shark directly. This makes it possible for you to get help faster than sending an email to be helped.

Accessories and Attachments

Shark Rocket review

Below are some of the attachments you can expect

  • Dusting brush
  • Under appliance wand
  • True pet mini motorized brush
  • Duster crevice
  • 12-inch crevice tool
  • Accessory bag


The warranty is going to depend on where you get to buy the device. Shark offers a limited VIP lifetime warranty if you get to buy directly from their site. By buying from 3rd party wholesalers, then you will end up with a warranty of 5 years. Well, you can see that the warranty is definitely good to make more people think about getting the vacuum for themselves right now.


  • Impressive cleaning head
  • Long power cord for maneuvering
  • Great swivel steering
  • Easy to empty the dust cup
  • Great warranty option
  • It comes with many accessories


  • Tends to be a little bit more noisy
  • Lacks storage for the tools


When it comes to cleaning your house, then you need the best vacuum cleaner. As a result, this model is here to deliver on some good performance. It is going to help you have a cleaner home than before. The best part is that it is easy to use. You will always find many people going for it today as it comes from a top brand. It is also because it can live up to the hype and expectations. You should have a good time when it comes to owning it right now.

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