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Shark Pet Perfect II Review

The model comes from a top brand making it reliable on overall. You are always going to have a good time when it comes to owning it right now.

Well, you will always have the confidence that the model you just picked will live up to your expectations all the time.

This is not any different as the model will definitely handle your cleaning needs even better. You might have tried some other handheld models and they did not work great. All that gets to change when you pick this one today.

The model is also good when it comes to versatility as we will get to see from the features. There is no doubt you are always going to have a good time owning one. Let us see more of what it has to offer.

Shark Pet Perfect II

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Top Features


The model is really good when it comes to owning it right now. First of all, we get to look at what kind of design the handheld vacuum has to offer. On first look, you will get to see that the model is built in a tubular shape with a purple and black color detail. It also comes with a good cleaning head design that allows for you to set up the cleaning tools with ease. It is possible to use the crevice tool, a pet hair tool, and dusting brush.

Since it allows for you to set up multiple tools, you should definitely find the model being great to own right now. This is because it comes out as a versatile model ready to tackle everything.

With its versatility, you should find the model being common in most homes to help with cleaning.

How It Works

The model does feature two cleaning styles that should work for many people. The two include being a pet perfect tool and the crevice and dusting brush mode.

The pet perfect tool even from the name you know that it is going to be good for pet hair removal. The model is able to dig up the dirt, debris, and pet hair before sucking them into the dust bin. On overall, you should find the model being really good when it comes to cleaning the pet hair situation. The agitation is just enough for dislodging the dirt from the surface and will not cause any harm.

Shark Pet Perfect II Review

The model is really good as it also comes with a crevice tool and dusting brush. These two are important to help with cleaning in the crevices and also the upholstery. You should definitely find a use for the vacuum as from today.

The model is really good when it comes to having an impressive cyclonic technology. This kind of technology is great to deliver on proper suction so as to have a nice time operating it. In the end, you should have a model that can easily clear dirt and debris all the time. The best part is that the model should give you consistent suction power all the time.

You will also get that the model does weigh a lot less to make it even better. At 4.2 pounds, it is really good to use the model as a handheld vacuum. This is because you will not have to worry much about fatigue.

Cleaning Performance

We definitely have to look at the cleaning performance. This is because it is going to affect just how many people are willing to spend their money on the model.

First of all, we get to look at the performance on carpets. The good news is that the model can deliver on some good cleaning experience. For the carpets, you have to use the motorized brush. This brush will make it easy for you to agitate the different dirt and debris before picking it up. On overall, the model should help you achieve some clean carpets in your home.

The surprising part for many users is just how good it is when picking up the dirt. This is because the model is able to pick the fine and large debris with ease all the time. It is definitely a reason you might want to own for today.

Shark Pet Perfect

The model is also good for cleaning up the hard surface flooring. Well, it will not be the best for cleaning a large area, but it is definitely good for spot cleaning. It is able to pick up the small messes such as flour, rice, and beans spilled on the floor with ease. The attached motorized brush also makes it good when it comes to cleaning fine particles such as flour from the floor.

Always make sure to empty the dirt bin after cleaning hard floors as you are likely to have accumulated a lot.

The good news is that you can always use the model to clean the automobiles too. It is really good when it comes to cleaning the dust from your car. In the end, you should have a model that works great for various surfaces. Since the model also has a crevice tool, you will always find it being good for reaching between and under the seats. You will always enjoy owning today.

The model is still good when it comes to cleaning as it can help you with pet hair removal. You have to attach the right accessory and you should be good to go. The model will leave you with a clean home at all times as compared to some other handheld models on the market.


When it comes to usability, you are definitely going to enjoy it. First of all, there is the styling. This is a handheld model, so usability is not going to be much of an issue. It also comes with a rubber grip handle. As a result, you should have some added comfort always when using the model. Well, it could use an option of adjusting the using angle. There is no doubt you would enjoy using it on overall.

Setting up is also part of usability. We are happy to report that the model does not need a lot of assembling. You might have to just change the cleaning heads depending on where you want to clean. That is all. There are no tools required when it comes to setting up the model.

The model is also easy to use on stairs. You can have it configured for stair use by using one of the attachment. The same cannot be said for a canister stick vacuum that is too heavy to move around the stairs just to clean them.


The maneuverability of any vacuum cleaner is going to be important for a user. The model is cordless, so expect it to deliver on some good versatility all the time. This is because you can always take it anywhere for cleaning. It will be good for cleaning the different rooms and surfaces in the house.

The model is also good when it comes to having a good time using the attachments. The attachments will deliver on some good maneuverability especially the crevice tool. You can have it cleaning almost anywhere. If you had trouble cleaning with the other models, this is a nice solution for you right now.

Since the model is also lightweight, you will not feel as if it is too much of a burden to own it right now. It will always give you some good maneuverability because of its weight.

Shark Pet Perfect II review


The maintenance of the model is always crucial. You will get to enjoy all that when you decide to get this model right now. It is able to give you some ease of maintenance in general. You will get that most of its parts do not even need to be changed all the time.

The first thing you have to do as part of maintenance is to empty the dust bin after each use. It also does not need replacement, so that is a nice way of saving on this model.

You also get that the filter can last for long. It is however recommended that you change it after six to nine months. There is no doubt you will have a good time vacuuming when your filter is in good condition.

The battery will last up to a year before you can start noticing some change in performance. You can always change it at this time.


The battery is another thing you always have to looking out for when it comes to a handheld vacuum. We can confidently say that this model does come with a relatively good battery. This is because the battery can last up to 30 minutes on a full charge. Within this amount of time, you should be able to handle a wide range of cleaning activities.

The battery takes around 3 to 4 hours to fully charge. This is okay considering that is what you get with most models on the market right now.


As for the noise, the manufacturer could have done better. This is because you will find it being a bit noisy for its size. As much as it makes noise, it is not too much for you to regret buying it.


  • It has impressive power
  • It is easy to use
  • Comes with removable batteries
  • Crevice and brush tool make it more versatile


  • Long initial charge time
  • Only 1-year warranty


When it comes to having a good time cleaning your home, you always have to consider owning a handheld vacuum. It is really good when it comes to using it on overall. This is because you will enjoy cleaning your room at all times without worrying about any dirt remaining in the room. You will also take it anywhere for cleaning since the model is cordless.

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