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Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Rainbow vacuum cleaners have been on the market for a long time now. This is because they are made by a brand that has been around since 1936. With all those years of experience, you get that the model is always able to live up to the expectations of many people. You will also find that it is always easier to have a good time using it thanks to effectiveness.

Many people enjoy using the rainbow vacuum as it will clean up to 99.9 percent of the dirt and allergens from your home. As a result, many people should find it being really good when it comes to owning the model right now. They can be sure that it is always going to deliver on some good performance always. Let us get to learn more about what to expect with this model.

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner

Our rating:3.4 out of 5 stars (3.4 / 5)

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner Review


One of the things that stands out for the model should be its filtration system. It is different from what you get with other vacuum cleaners. You will see that the model will be able to live up to some impressive water filtration. This helps with picking up the dust effectively without dispersing the allergens.

Along with the water filtration, you get that the model also comes with a HEPA neutralizer filtration system. This is going to make things easier for you all the time when it comes to cleaning. The HEPA filtration will capture nearly 100 percent of the dirt and contaminants all the time.

Ease of movement

Just like in any other model, the movement of the vacuum is always going to be important. You have to check out just how easy it will be to handle the model. This model comes with caster wheels. As a result, you will end up with some good maneuverability than what you get with the other models. You can always push it around over the different surfaces so as to get it to the right spot that you want to clean.

As much as the model does not have swivel steering, it is still good to maneuver. You can always control it with ease even if the swivel steering is missing. As a result of ease of movement, you should find the model being a favorite of many people.

Impressive suction

If a vacuum cleaner is going to deliver on some good performance, then you also have to look at its suction. There is no doubt you would want to pay for a model with the best suction power. We get to see that this model does come with an impressive motor and 1.5 horsepower in terms of power. As you can see, the model is quite powerful to become a versatile model for cleaning.

As a result of being powerful, you get that it comes with an impressive deep cleaning solution and suction power for various surfaces and carpets. Cleaning just got better with this model.

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner Review

Many attachments

When it comes to being a versatile model, you get that the manufacturer made it to have some impressive number of attachments. With the many attachments, you should not have much of a problem when it comes to cleaning. You get that it comes with attachments for cleaning bare floors, upholstery, and many other places. The best part is that you also get attachments for cleaning the nooks and crevices with so much ease.

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner Review

Air purifier

It is also worth noting that this model doubles up as an air purifier. This is because it can such air along with the contaminants inside a bowl of water. This means that you end up with a clean and an environment that smells fresh. As you can see, it can come in handy to make sure that you have a good time using it.

Variable speed control

Another thing you will like about the model should be that it comes with a variable speed control. It is always going to make it easy for you to enjoy using the model on overall. The speed can be varied from 3000 RPM to 23000 RPM. You get to vary the speed mostly based on the application at hand.

Strong construction

One thing is for sure, the manufacturer did a good job when it comes to the overall construction. You get that this model is quite durable as compared to some other models on the market. Since it has to deal with some strong suction, the manufacturer had to make sure that it can actually stand up to the suction power. If you are looking to have some good time owning a model that will last for long, then you can always opt for this one.

Thanks to having a strong construction, you can be using it for years to come without necessarily having to worry about it breaking.

How it works

When comparing it to some other vacuums, you get that typical vacuums use a porous bag for collecting dirt. The worst is that this method means that the bag tends to clog easily and thus inhibiting the airflow. This means that you get to end up with dust being blown back into the room. Things are different with the rainbow model. This is because it uses water to trap up to 99.9 percent of the household dirt in the water reservoir.

Once you are done with vacuuming, you will simply have to empty the reservoir of your model and you should be good. You can be sure to enjoy yourself when it comes to owning this model right now as it does deliver on some good cleaning capabilities.

The model also comes with an advanced dirt separator. The work of this dirt separator is to keep all the dust, dirt, and the debris under containment. This means that you get the vacuum cleaning better and no dirt escapes. The only thing that escapes is the air.

You would not have the best performance is the motor is not good. This model utilizes an impressive motor and also the latest in terms of computer technology. Since it has a good motor, you get that it can deliver on considerable power and also flexibility that should appeal to many users. The model’s motor does not have carbon brushes which means less maintenance for the user and no more carbon particles being released into the air.

Still on its working capability, you get that the model does come with some good filtration technology. This works by combining the use of the separator and also the HEPA neutralization filtration system. In the end, even the minute particles will always be captured so that you can have clean air exhausted from the machine.

Cleaning Performance

To experience one of the best cleaning performances, then you might want to get this model for yourself right now. This model is really good when it comes to bare floor performance. This is because it does come with a bare floor attachment that makes cleaning so much easier. In addition, the model also comes with an impressive 1.5hp motor. This means you get an impressive suction power to help with the cleaning on overall.

So, how is it good when it comes to carpet performance? Actually this is where the model shines. It does clean your carpet better than what you get with the other models on the market. You get that the model does come with a strong suction and also a motorized brush. In the end, you get to dig up the dirt so that you can have an easy time utilizing the model on overall. It is able to make cleaning better without necessarily losing suction.

Another thing you will like about the model is the ability to clean mattresses. If you thought your mattress is clean, then you are wrong. Sometimes the dirt might not be visible until you get to clean the mattress. You can see that that model will remain versatile to make more people feel comfortable about using it.

Accessories and Attachments

Below are some of the top accessories and attachments you can get with the model.

  • Floor and wall brush
  • Dusting brush
  • Crevice tool
  • Refrigerator coil tool
  • Attachment caddy
  • Aerofresh bag
  • Confined space cleaner and inflator tool

Maintenance Tips

There is no doubt that just like any machine, this one also needs a bit of maintenance so that it can keep working for longer. When you get to maintain the machine properly, you can expect that the machine will last up to 20 years easily. That is quite some time without getting a new vacuum cleaner. First of all, you have to keep the HEPA filter in tiptop condition always. You get that it comes with the washable and the disposable options. Choose the one that works for you.

For more maintenance you might have to check out the product manual. It is from the product manual that you will get to learn more about how the model operates on overall.


This is another thing you always have to check out in any model. You will be happy to know that this model does come with an impressive 4-year warranty. This should be enough to get many people encouraged in getting the model for themselves right now. It will also offer a warranty of 8 years for the vacuum cleaner motor/electric controller.


  • It is effective in capturing of dirt
  • It works also by purifying the air and surface
  • The model comes with bright LED for visibility
  • The model features an impressive suction for cleaning


  • It is very expensive


It is important to always end up with a model that can deliver on some good cleaning experience. That is what you get with this model. Thanks to having some good top features, you get that the model will handle the different types of dirt that you might have in the house. You will also find it being easy to use on overall as compared to some other models on the market.

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