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Rainbow Rain Mate Air Purifier Review

Are you one of those who constantly worry about the health risks related to breathing polluted air? Do you wish to breathe cleaner air with a nice fragrance?

Imagine all the benefits of an air purifier. Now add them to the benefits of an air freshener. And there, you have this amazing Rainbow Rain Mate air purifier.

The rainbow rain mate is a game changer in the industry. It has a plethora of benefits that range from cleaning to providing a nice fragrance.

In this article, we will review the rainbow rain mate air purifier. Let’s learn all about this great product.

Rainbow Rain Mate Air Purifier

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

How Does It Work?

The product works by filtering the air and removing the air pollutants. These can be dust particles, volatile organic compounds, and other odor inducing compounds.

Not just that, it also works as an air freshener. It not just eliminates the bad odors in the air. Rather, it also releases fragrances using aerosol propellants so that you can enjoy the beautiful smell in your surroundings.

The fragrance that is released overwhelms and suppresses the bad odor. This causes the air to get fresher. The product can be used in almost all places, including your home, office, and kitchens.

Rainbow Rain Mate Air Purifier

</p> <h2>Top Features</h2> <p>

Following are some top features you can expect from this air purifier.

  • Two LED Lights

These LED lights illuminate the water inside the rainbow mate and works as a nightlight. It also has two settings to go with a blue-tinted water basin for night time hue. These are high and low settings.

  • Compact Shape

The Rainbow mate air freshener purifier has a compact and a discreet shape. This allows for it to be placed easily on any table or your nightstand. Therefor, It is perfectly sized.

  • Portable

Due to its design and lightweight, it is a portable machine. This is a benefit for you if you are going on a trip. This is because you can simply put the product in your bag or hand carry.

So, you can enjoy the goodness of fresh air where ever you go.

  • Relief From Allergy And Asthma Symptoms

The technology combines both the benefits of an air purifier and an air freshener. Hence it guarantees a significant relief from allergy and asthma.

So, the product is highly beneficial for people suffering from asthma, allergies, and other breathing problems.

  • Uses Water Based Technology

Moreover, the purifier is equipped with technology that uses water to trap dust and odors. Later, it then returns clean water back to your environment.

This is gently scented to provide you with the most soothing breathable air by sanitizing air with water.

  • Aromatherapy

Furthermore, the product has several uses; one of them is that it can be used for aromatherapy.

It washes the air with water and brings the smell of nature to your room. This is both refreshing and can be therapeutic for some people who are tired of breathing toxic air.

  • Variety Of Fragrances

Now, if you thought that this product couldn’t be more amazing, wait till you hear about this new feature. The rainbow rain mate purifier comes with a plethora of different fragrances.

Therefore, now you can choose a different smell for each occasion, like parties, formal dinner’s and so on.

  • Energy Efficient

The product is plugged into a regular 110-volt outlet. So, even if you are carrying it anywhere, you don’t have to worry about finding a specific power outlet for it.

You simply put it in a regular outlet and enjoy all its benefits.

  • On/Off Switch

Another amazing feature of the rain mate is that it has an on/off switch. This is for added convenience for its customers. Moreover, Now you don’t have to plug or unplug the unit.

  • Available In 2 Colors

The Rainbow Rain Mate does not only have a stylish design. It also comes in 2 different colors. So you can choose the color you prefer for each of your room.

These two colors are the fan-favorite black color and the much-loved blue color.

Pros And Cons


  • 2 LED indicators work as a nightlight.
  • Purifies the air of air pollutants.
  • Can provide a natural fragrance to its users and hence can prove to be therapeutic for some people.
  • Uses water to sanitize and wash the air.
  • Removes all bad odors from a room and release fresh and beautiful scents into it.
  • Great for people suffering from asthma and allergies.
  • Has a range of fragrances for every occasion.
  • Comes in a variety of 2 colors, blue and black.
  • Lightweight allows it to be put in a bag and be carried anywhere.
  • slightly more energy efficient.Moreover, it uses a regular power outlet for added convenience.
  • The compact design makes it portable and convenient.


  • Slightly expensive than some other models that provide similar features.
  • Might not be very effective in large rooms.
  • Not very effective against cigarette smoke, which is one of the biggest pollutants in the air.
  • The basin needs refilling at least once a day.

</p> <h2>Why You Really ‘Need’An Air Purifier/Freshener?</h2> <p>

With the rise in industrialization, it is no surprise that pollution is on the rise too.

Do you now that the air we breathe is contaminated with the worst possible kinds of pollutants? These include bacteria, viruses, and allergens.

Moreover, about 70% and more people suffer from issues caused by breathing polluted air. These range from frequent coughs to severe breathing issues that include asthma and allergy.

So, living in today’s world, we can’t argue that we don’t need an air purifier. Since it is the only way to ensure that we breathe a fresher and healthier air from.

In addition, it also ensures that we don’t suffer from a lot of these breathing problems.

So every time you doubt or question, Google some facts about air pollution and how it affects our body. Trust me; you will be shocked.

Rainbow Rainmate


Therefore, don’t compromise on your health any longer.

The rainbow rain mate, therefore, is the perfect solution for you. Now, you may question why this product and not the others.

Don’t worry; since we have already compared the product with other similar products.

hence, all the comparisons will help you decide which product is the right one for you.

</p> <h2>Is It Better Than Other Air Purifiers?</h2> <p>

Looking at all these amazing features of this purifier, you might think that it’s the best product in the market. And You may be right. But there is certainly more to the story.

Now, we made some comparisons between the product in question and some other products in the market. These comparisons will help you decide whether the rainbow rain mate is the right choice for you.

LLC New Fresh Aire Machine


  • 6 colorful LED lights
  • Uses professional hydro-purification technology that creates fresh and healthy water-washed air
  • Effective against asthma and allergy symptoms
  • Removes air pollutants such as odor, bacteria, smoke, and other air containment.
  • Can add fragrance oil and make it an aromatizer
  • Comes in one color that is black, hence might affect its desirability.
  • So it can act as an air purifier and an aromatizer.

LLC Fresh Air-Edge

Rainbow Rain Mate-Edge

6 LED lights Comes with Multiple fragrances
  Better design and more compact

LLC Fresh Air-Edge

Our rating:2.4 out of 5 stars (2.4 / 5)

EcoGecko Color Wheel Air Cleaner


  • Removes air pollutants such as dust, pet dander and multiple kinds of allergens
  • Light color switch
  • it is relatively Easy to operate
  • The whirlpool of swirling water turns any indoor space into a zen-like atmosphere.
  • There are 2 light color mode switches. You can choose one color or rotate it through all 7 available colors.
  • Covers approximately 600 sq. Feet of ground.
  • Compact and portable design adds convenience.
Eco Gecko-Edge Rainbow Rain Mate-Edge
Less expensive Relatively lighter than eco-gecko model
2 color mode switch Easier to operate

Eco Gecko-Edge

Our rating:3.2 out of 5 stars (3.2 / 5)

</p> <h2>Conclusion</h2> <p>

We have already reviewed in detail all the information you need regarding the rainbow rain mate air purifier. So is it the best air purifier and freshener for you? Certainly, yes, here’s why.

After making comparisons, the rainbow rain mate is clearly the winner. Although, most of the products used in comparison section have similar features.

But the Rainbow Rain Mate has some distinct features that make it more desirable.

It comes with added fragrance. Moreover, it has a stylish design and is lightweight.

This makes the product compact, convenient to use, and portable.

In conclusion, the Rainbow Rain Mate purifier seems like an amazing choice to invest in!

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