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Pool Filter Cleaning

First off filter cleaning is very important. There are many different types of filters out there. I will be going over the most common ones and how to clean your filter (cartridge) element.

The filter element is what is inside the filter housing/ assembly. Most are made of paper material(a.k.a. cartridge filter), a sand filter and there is also a Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filter. Usually the cartridge filter will last 1-3 years depending on use of pool, how long you run it, and how often you clean the element.

In my area most pools have a Hayward c-series, usually c900 and a few c1200 filters. The other most common ones i see is the Pentair clean & clear or posi-clear.


Cartridge filter cleaning

First start by turning off your pool, next find the air bleeder (usually on top) open it up and let all the air out. Once the air is done leaking out open up the lid/top(might be a locking knob on top or a locking ring around it, which will have a release button). Now with the lid off remove the cartridge filter. Find the best water pressure you can for this next step as it will help the process. Now with the filter out start by rinsing the filter from top to bottom in sweeping motions. Once all the way around flip it over and repeat to ensure all the dirt and debris is all gone.

Let me say that now would be a great time to check/clean you pump basket(write up to come).

Finally with the filter element all clean you can re-install it back into the housing with the lid. Once all tightened down and the air valve still slightly open turn on the pump. When all the air is out and its just water coming out (no air) then you can close the valve.

When buying a cartridge filter get a good name brand as it will last longer and not need cleaning as often.

Sand filter cleaning

First start by turning your equipment off, once that is done check your skimmer basket and your pump basket for debris. (If you open up the pump basket make sure to turn your motor back on to prime it, then shut it back off.)

  1. Push/pull valve type: With the motor off turn the valve a quarter turn, push down then a quarter turn to lock it back in place. Next turn on the filter and watch the dirty water turn clear. Once that’s done turn it off and place the valve back into its original place. Now turn the pump back on and check to see that the pressure has dropped back down to its normal running P.S.I.
    With a push/pull valve type you will see a little dirt return into the pool once you turn it back one, this is normal with this type of valve.
  2. Dial valve type: with the pump off turn the valve clockwise from filter to backwash, Once you have done that go ahead and turn the pump back on and run until all or most of the dirt is out (some models have whats called a sight glass that you can see or watch the water coming out of the hose/pipe until it turns clear.) With the dirt out now you can turn off the pump and turn the dial clockwise to rinse. Turn on the pump and let it run for 30-60 seconds, this will get rid of the top layer of dirt and compact the sand back down. After that turn the pump back off and switch the dial clockwise to filter and your good as new. When to clean your sand-filter? Clean it usually every week or when your P.S.I. rises 5-10 lbs from its normal running P.S.I.

 D.E. filter cleaning

D.E. filters are cleaned slimier to the sand filter. First start by turning off your equipment, next open up your backwash valve and turn the equipment back on. Watch the water or let run 3-5 minuets until the water is clear. Once that is done turn the equipment back off and close the backwash valve. Now with it clean turn the equipment back on and add some D.E. powder into the pool. How much will vary by the size of your filter. Usually 2-4 scoops.
CAUTION When adding this powder to the skimmer wear a mask as this product has carcinogens in it.

There you go all done. Now enjoy your pool and thanks for reading.

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