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NEW Casada QUATTROMED III With JADE Stone And Heating Review

Massagers are an effective product that helps to provide relief from foot fatigue, cramps, aches, and constant swelling. Don’t you agree?

Aching feet are a result of tireless work and constant bustle that has become an integral part of our daily lives. Varicose veins and swelling feet are some of the symptoms caused by working while standing or wearing high heels. Using a massager can greatly help combat these symptoms and provide relief to your aching feet.

The Casada Quattromed III is a fabulous looking massage cushion that provides a relaxing massage. Our in-depth New Casada Quattromed III with Jade stone and Heating Review is sure to help you decide if it is the right massager for you.

NEW Casada QUATTROMED III With JADE Stone And Heating

Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

The Casada Quattromed III Massage Cushion Review

An aesthetic looking product, the Casada Quattromed III is not only comfortable but versatile as well. It comes with an adapter thus making it convenient to use it anywhere – be it your car, truck, or RV. Although it is a bit expensive, its benefits greatly outweigh its cost. We are sure that you will not have to visit a massage parlor as long as you keep using it.

NEW Casada QUATTROMED III With JADE Stone And Heating

The Unique Features Of Casada Quattromed III

This fantastic product provides much-needed stress relief and relaxation no matter where you are. It is designed with a gemstone which is known for its varied healing properties particularly for the stomach, kidneys, and the heart.

The Casada Quattromed III is one of a kind massage chair that provides its users with some exceptional and long-lasting health benefits. The jade stone used in its construction helps to improve the immune system and boost the overall health of the organs inside the body. Although a bit expensive, the Casada brand is well known for its high quality and ergonomic design.

Another great thing about this massage cushion is that it is able to target a specific portion of your back in a way that feels very relaxing. In fact, the movement of the rolling ball mimics the movement of the therapist’s hands.

  • Elegant Design

One of the best things about this massage cushion is its design. Simple, luxurious yet elegant, the Casada’s design makes it suitable for both home and office use. It easily blends with all types of furniture and won’t seem out of place anywhere including your truck or car.

  • Multiple Massage Settings

The Casada Quattromed III comes with various massage modes including a rolling massage, 2-speed shiatsu mode, and a vibrational seat with heat. Moreover, this unique unit provides the user with the option of two types of massaging techniques.

You can choose either a shiatsu massage or a rolling massage and even set the intensity of the massage according to your preference. If you are not satisfied with the intensity of your massage and want a stronger one, you can change it. Just lift the fabric panel in the back and lean closer to the massage heads. This will help you enjoy a deeper massage.

Moreover, the vibration feature of this seat provides the necessary relief to the buttocks and lower back area. In addition, you can also greatly benefit from the heating function of the jade stone massage heads. They work wonders for your back as they are highly efficient at relaxing your muscles.

  • Portable

You can use the Casada Quattromed III anywhere with electricity. It comes with an adaptor that allows you to use it in the comfort of your home, in your office, or even in your car, truck or boat.

  • Deep Massage

Most people find the massage that this massage cushion provides to be highly enjoyable. It uses jade massage heads that help stimulate the movements of human hands. Moreover, you can adjust the massage intensity to suit your requirements. It can go from a gentle caress to a tougher massage with just the touch of a button.

Another amazing feature of this seat is its reverse function. This function is useful as it changes the direction of the massage heads thus providing the user with a completely different massage experience.

  • Adjustable Massage Functions

The adjustable massage feature of the Casada Quattromed III allows you to choose between massaging your entire back, lower back or upper back. Furthermore, you can choose the demo setting that allows you to choose an automatic function that provides an amazing massage; or you can select your own massage function.

This massage seat comes with three predefined massage programs that are designed to work your entire back. However, you can also go to manual settings and choose the area you wish to massage. This flexible and versatile massage cushion allows you to choose a massage that focuses on the lower or upper part of your spine or work on your whole back.

  • Warranty And After Sales Service

The Casada Quuattromed III comes with a 2-year free replacement warranty. However, it is important that you buy this product from a reliable vendor. This ensures that they respect the warranty. You might also encounter problems while contacting the customer support service if you do not purchase this product from a reliable vendor.

  • Remote Control

This massage cushion comes with a remote control which further enhances ease of use. This remote control is very simple and easy to understand. It can easily be stored in the cushion’s side pocket which ensures that it is always within easy reach.

  • Negative Effects Of Overuse

It is important that your massage session should not exceed 15 or 20 minutes. If the massage session crosses the time limit, it could result in inflammation and potential bruising. Moreover, using the seat for longer periods may harm the motor. Therefore, it is better to give the motor a rest period of at least half an hour before using it again.

</p> <h2>Conclusion</h2> <p>

The Casada Quattrommed III is simply one of the best massage seats with heat available in the market. It features premium built, easy storage, high portability, better performance and a wide array of massaging features and functionalities. All these make this massage seat a must-have for people who want to relieve themselves of their back pain.

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