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Ultimate Guide for Using Muriatic Acid in Your Pool 2021

Ultimate Guide for Using Muriatic Acid in Your Pool 2021

When it comes to pool maintenance, there is always the need to check out the pH levels. It is the reason you might want to learn more about the effects of pH on the pool water. Having high pH levels leads to having scaling appearing on the surface of the water and also the equipment. On the other hand, having a low pH means that it leaves you with a highly acidic water. There is no doubt you would want a way of dealing the pH levels.

The most common way to deal with the pH levels is to use muriatic acid. It will help you with easily controlling the pH level so that it is within the acceptable range.

What Does Muriatic Acid Do for a Pool?

When it comes to owning a pool, it means that you are also ready to deal with the maintenance. Some people might not be sure why you need to add muriatic acid to the water. Well, the lack of using the acid in your water when the acidic levels are high, it could lead to a problem such as scaling, chlorine insufficiency, and also cloudy water. There is no doubt that swimming in such a pool is not going to be pleasing.

muriatic acid

Without the muriatic acid, you get that you end up having issues such as irritation on the skin and eyes. This is something that makes someone think twice about missing treating their pool with the acid. The moment you start experiences the irritations to your skin or eyes when swimming, then you need to check the pH levels.

As a result of the tests and they show the pH levels are high, then you have to use the muriatic acid to make sure that they are regulated.

The best part is that a number of models exist right now so you should have an easy time getting muriatic acid in a store close to you.

How Much Muriatic Acid to Add to Pool?

When it comes to how much you muriatic acid you have to add to the pool, you can never an exact amount as it depends a lot on a number of things. As a result, you first have to get the current pH level of the pool, combine it with the size of the pool to find out just how much you have to add to the pool.

It should be hard to know the pH level of your water. This is because there are a number of methods you can use to test the pH level. You can use the standard test strips that will tell you if the pH is too high. You might not get the exact pH level, but you will know where it is situated.

In most cases, you will have to add a quart of muriatic acid for an average size ground pool holding about 15000 gallons and has a pH level higher than 7.8. It is recommended that you get to check the pH level after allowing the pool water to circulate and settle for an hour.

For the small aboveground pools, it is recommended to use a cup of the acid. Retest the water again to see if the pH has lowered. You can add more acid to lower the pH further if you have to.

How to Add Muriatic Acid?

When it comes to adding muriatic acid to the pool, you have to do it correctly so that you end with better water for swimming. Below are the steps you have to take when it comes to adding muriatic acid to the pool.

  • First test the water in the pool

First of all, you have to test the water to determine just much pH you are having in the water. To do the test, you can opt for any pool test kit that can determine the pH level. You are likely to find many of such test kits on the market right now. By choosing the best kit, you can also get to learn more about the different composition of the pool water.

  • Preparing the muriatic acid

There is no doubt that you have to consider preparing the muriatic acid for use before pouring it into the water. Fill up a bucket with clean water and then add the recommended amount of muriatic acid. Proceed to mix the two before using the solution. Just make sure that you get to wear protective gear at all times when handling the acid. As a result of mixing, you should now a good solution to add to the pool.

  • Add the acid to the pool water

What follows is to add the mixed acid to the pool water. Make sure to turn on the pool filter before adding the acid. When it comes to adding, make sure to do it in small portions and not to stick to one area of the pool. The return jets in the pool help with spreading the acid evenly in the water.

  • Retest your pool water

Once the acid has settled into the water, five it about 4 hours and then re-test the pH levels. You can add more acid when the pH of the water is still higher than 7.0.


As you can see, it is now possible for you to achieve the best pH balance right now if you have muriatic acid. It is now time that you picked the acid if you are looking to have a good time having the best acid for your swimming pool. With the proper pH balance, you should have a good time swimming with no risks of skin irritation.

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