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MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager Review

MedMassager MMF06 is one of the best methods to treat diabetic neuropathy. Don’t you agree?

People who suffer from neuropathy often experience loss of feeling in their feet which can lead to injuries or worse. There are several ways of treating diabetic neuropathy. Having an active lifestyle and abstaining from alcohol and smoking can help prevent the symptoms of this disease.

However, the loss of sensation in the feet could be crippling and hinder any progress towards mobility and exercising. Doctors recommend foot massagers nowadays for people suffering from this disease to help patients find fast relief from aching muscles.

One of the popular foot massagers that is often recommended by doctors because of its excellent performance and high speed is the MedMessager MMF06. But is it really a cut above the rest? Let’s read on the MedMessager MMF06 11 speed foot massager review and find out!

MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

MedMassager MMF0611 Massager Review

MedMassagers, one of the best professional massage products were originally sold only to physical therapists and doctors for medical purposes. However, due to their overwhelming demand, they are now available to people for home use. Their high quality standards and use of the latest technology makes them a product that belongs to a class of its own.

The MedMassager MMF0611 is a massager that is certified by the FDA and helps to deliver therapeutic massages that increase blood circulation and relieves pain in the comfort of your home. It can produce up to 3,700 RPMs and gives the user the freedom to choose from 11 different speeds.

MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager

This amazing product includes a bar for your arches thus providing targeted pain relief and a foot pad that oscillates. This particularly helps people who suffer from flat feet, plantar fasciitis or high arches. It is also excellent for diabetic patients or people who suffer from decreased circulation.

The MedMassager can be used both in the office and at home as it greatly relieves muscle pain, stress, and boosts relaxation.

  • Ergonomic Design

Unlike the other foot massagers available, the MedMassager is not designed with rounded rollers. It consists of a single foot pad constructed at an angle that helps improve blood circulation and enhance comfort. This massager is constructed with high-quality materials which makes them highly durable. Their ergonomically friendly design invites you to sit back in your chair and place your feet on the massaging pad.

This massager comes with 11 speeds. Yes, you heard it right – 11 speeds. Its full-sized foot pad is a great component that helps patients. Start with a low setting until you become accustomed to the vibrations. Then set it at a point that feels like it is targeting the sore muscles.

The control panel of this massager is very user-friendly and easy to understand and operate. That is why you won’t encounter any problem turning the massager on and off or adjusting the massage intensity according to your preference.

  • Powerful Machine   

Another advantage of this massager is that it is very powerful. In fact, it is so powerful that you may be able to feel the vibrations even if you are wearing shoes. This feature helps you find an intensity that you are most comfortable with and suits your preferences and needs.

This massager comes with a hardwood and tiled floors kit which helps to keep the unit stable while you are using the massager. It also protects your floor tiles from drag marks or potential scratches. The foot pad of this massager oscillates every time the unit is functioning. You can slide your feet up and down the pressure points on the foot pad’s surface thus improving the quality of your massage.

You know the terrific thing about having a powerful massager? It won’t stop or slow down even if you put both feet on the surface and push hard against it. This action may make the unit slide a little if you do not use the hardwood and tiled floor kit. However, it will not slow down the massager’s movement in spite of the extra pressure you put upon it.

The powerful vibration of the MedMassager MMF0611 greatly stimulates your blood circulation. Wondering about how powerful the vibration is? Your knees will shake when the massager is running on a high-intensity setting, so you better prepare yourself for it.

Although, this massager does not feature a heat option the enhanced blood circulation due to the strong oscillation will make it seem as if your feet are being treated with infrared heat.

  • Sturdy Construction   

The MedMassager MMF0611 is a massager that has a durable, rugged construction. It is made with high quality materials and is able to last many years. Moreover, its unique design allows the user to tilt the massager on to its front feet and massage your Achilles’ tendons and calves as well.

How Does The Medmassager MMF0611 Work?

Basically, the MedMassager MMF0611 acts as a high-speed vibrator. Its eleven-speed settings provide users with a variety of options. You just need to set the unit on the floor near a chair or couch, plug it in and turn it on.

Adjust the speed according to your desired level and apply pressure on the foot pad with your feet. Move your feet around on the ergonomic foot pad to find the position that feels best. In addition, there is an arch bar at the top of the foot pad that is great for rubbing your foot arch and targeting other pressure points.


The MedMassager MMF0611 may be a heavy unit that is much more expensive than other massagers available but it a foot massager that is going to last you a lifetime. It is durable, and its variable speed allows you to adjust the intensity of the massage to your desired level. Overall, it provides you with the kind of comfort your feet deserve.

Mobility is vital for a full and healthy life; therefore, it is important to take care of your body especially of areas that are hurting you the most. You can rest assured that this MedMassager is well worth the investment for you as well as someone who is suffering from diabetic neuropathy.

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