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Kendal All In One Bath Massager Review

You might want to agree;

“Despite being efficient, foot spa massagers should be spacious and deep.”

Right? Well, there’s one such machine out there, and that is the Kendall bath massager!

The Kendal all-in-one foot spa bath massager comes with a special design that differentiates it from the competitive products in the market. It incorporates a big space for completely dipping the feet. The water temperature and massaging capabilities are customizable. It is your ideal at-home foot spa. The efficient heating system is appreciable and convenient.

Let’s have an in-depth look at this machine.

Kendal All In One Bath Massager

Our rating:3.7 out of 5 stars (3.7 / 5)


  • Power – 380W
  • Application – calf, foot, ankle
  • Type – electric foot spa
  • Voltage – 110V
  • Frequency – 60Hz
  • Maximum capacity – 9.5L
  • Product size – 19 x 15 x 12 inches
  • Temperature changes – 35 to 48C

Kendal All In One Bath Massager


The unit is equipped with some impressive features. These include:

  • Design

The Kendal all-in-one foot spa bath massager comes with a basin design. Both the feet are already outlined at the bottom. While you place your feet there, they’ll rest on jet sprays and rollers. These will work together to aid the massaging process and provide the comfort you desire.

  • Casters

The unit features a total of four casters. Amongst the 4 casters, two can easily be locked. They function to move the unit around when pushed into the holes.

  • Splash Cover

This feature is important to ensure the whole process is not messy. It prevents the water from unnecessarily splashing and spilling around.

  • Drain Hose & Holder

The unit ensures that you get done with the process without the hurdles of manual drainage. The drain hose drains the used water. In addition, it can be packed up conveniently by using the holder.

  • PTC Semiconductor

This is good for heating purposes. It can speed up the heating process. When the desired level is reached, it helps to maintain it at that rate. It can also secure a multi-insulation guard, so there’s no mishap during the heating process. Lastly, the double overheating protection saves the device form any chaotic results.

  • Massage

This machine guarantees a high-frequency vibrational massage. The vibration will be subtle and warm, so your body can adapt to it. It will also drag the impurities at the bottom of the vessel and let them settle there during the process.

  • Oxygen Bubbles

These bubbles are generated through small openings present beneath your feet. While coming all the way to the surface, they’ll gently caress your feet, giving you a soft massage. The constant and soothing sound of the bubbles coming to the surface will be relaxing. This is helpful because it will alter any vibrational noises.

  • Red Light

The red light will be functioning during the process. It basically targets the blood vessels to improve their circulatory process.

  • Massage Nodes And Rollers

These work in conjunction to relax the heel and reduce soreness from the soles. The nodes are removable according, and the whole process is easily customizable according to your preference.

  • Framework 

Moreover, the Kendal all-in-one foot spa bath massager is of high-quality plastic. This makes it durable enough to bear the roughness of the process. The safe design ensures its easy usability anytime and anywhere.

  • Rotatory Dial

It comes with a rotatory dial to monitor your process. It has four reachable positions, and most of them can be accessed separately. Meanwhile, you can access some features in pairs. This is not an issue as with time; you’re okay with it.


The foot massager comes in a large size as compared to other massagers. This is beneficial because it solves the accommodation issues for many users. The basin is spacious for feet with the capacity to accommodate shoe sizes up to 14 as well.


The Kendal all-in-one spa foot bath massager comes with a warranty of 1 year. It covers all the services regarding workmanship and materials. It starts from the day of purchase. Warranty coverage doesn’t imply on negigence. Alterations, misuse, disassembly, and improper usage will not be entertained too. Despite the above-mentioned criteria, any issues will be acknowledged and solved by professionals as soon as possible.

What’s The Bright Side?

The size of the machine compliments its creation. The spacious coverage and large area are useful because it doesn’t restrict the usage of the machine. Not only this, but this is an advantageous factor for people with smaller foot sizes. It will allow them to massage their calves too.

There’s more…

The drain hose releases the tension of proper disposal of wastewater. Similarly, the large unit can’t be lifted every time for the cleaning process, and the drain hose comes in handy for this regard. It will do a proper job and therefore, remove all the water from the basin.

But know this too

The machine may seem very appealing, but it also lacks a thermostat. The efficient heater, therefore, feels incomplete. This will automatically increase the manual process of turning on and off to maintain a constant level.

Here’s the kicker

When you plan to carry it to a suitable place to settle down, it will be heavy. The empty machine will be heavy too. This is why it is difficult to find a place for it when you’re already feeling exhausted and tired. Despite that, the casters can put the whole process to ease.


We would suggest you buy this product because of the reliability it offers. It is no doubt, a very good product when it comes to the features. The heating options and the capacity can be a plus point in the overall rating. If you manage with the little or no cons that this machine comes with, it can be an ideal investment to make.

Moreover, the design, durability and warranty coverage ensure the trustworthiness of this design for future references. If you want to spend on a foot massager for the health and relaxational benefits, this can be the ideal purchase to make.

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