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How to Keep Your Swimming Pool From Becoming Contaminated

The very last thing that you want and/or need to have happening during the late Spring and Summer pool season is for that pool to become so contaminated and/or stagnant that no one wants to swim in it. There is only one way that we know of to keep your pool looking and smelling its very best this Summer and every Summer: keep on top of cleaning it! There are several things that you really have to do every day to keep your poll clean and swim-able all Summer long.

How to Keep Your Swimming Pool From Becoming Contaminated

1. Use Chlorine Tablets Everyday! You are going to need to use either chlorine tablets or compound that is especially designed to be used in swimming pools. We all know that chlorine bleach disinfected surfaces as well as removing stains and killing viruses and bacteria. This is necessary due to everything that pollutes the pool water that comes from those that swim in the pool as well as things that drift/float into the pool.

2. Skim the Pool Everyday! You are going to find that it is far easier to grab your pool skimmer every single day, if not several times a day, to remove the leaves and other debris that winds up in the pool during the course of the day. It is simply easier to keep up with this chore every day than it is to let it go and than try playing “catch-up” later on.

3. Shower or Rinse Down Before and After Swimming. You might not think that this has a single thing to do with keeping your pool clean and pleasant to swim in every day yet it does. Think about everything that you do every day while going about your daily routines. If you are sweating a lot during the day you definitely need to shower down before you switch off to yout swimsuit for a refreshing swim in your pool. You do not need to full the pool water with those contaminants. You are also wise to shower off after swimming because of the amount of chlorine that is keeping the pool’s water clean and uncontaminated.

4. Do Not Use the Pool as the Toilet! This is one particular point that needs to be emphatically stressed given the fact of the contaminants that are on our waste products – urine and feces. You would not ever even consider swimming in your toilet so do not turn your pool into a toilet! This also makes more waste for the chlorine and pool chemicals to have to combat. If there are very young children that are still in diapers or Pull-ups it is not really that wise for them to be in the pool at all. A diaper will become water-logged very, very quickly and leak out anything that is in it very easily thus further contaminating your pool water.

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