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Intex Salt Water Pool Systems for Above Ground Pool Review

More and more swimming pools today are making use of Saltwater. Saltwater systems may not be a new invention but neither have they been popular in the past.

It is only recently that their popularity has grown. People are slowly appreciating the benefits that are associated with them, thereby installing saltwater pools in their homes.

One of the most important benefits of saltwater in swimming pools is that it eliminates the need for the use of chlorine. While chlorine is beneficial in killing bacteria that may enter the pool from swimmers, it has unpleasant side effects.

Saltwater systems are way better. This is the Intex salt water pool systems for above ground pool review to help you buy the best system.

Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater System with E.C.O. (Electrocatalytic Oxidation) for up to 15000-Gallon Above Ground Pools

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Why saltwater pool systems?

Many homeowners today are investing in saltwater pool systems in their homes instead of the traditional chlorinated water pools. This is because of many reasons, among them that saltwater is more beneficial to the human skin than chlorinated water.

Saltwater pool systems are also cheap and easy to maintain. They require less upkeep and the costs are low since they contain fewer chemicals, therefore safer for everyone.

Since there is no chlorine added to the saltwater pools, chlorine content remains fairly low in a saltwater pool. This, together with the fact that the water has low salt levels too, makes it less harmful to your skin, nails, hair and eyes. You will also not experience itchy skin or reddened eyes. You can swim freely and for long without worrying about excess chemicals in the water.

Intex Salt Water Pool Systems for Above Ground Pool Review

Salt water systems buying guide

Switching to a saltwater pool system is the best decision ever. You will enjoy your new pool’s easy maintenance, safety and cheap operations since you will not need to buy harsh chemicals to fight bacteria. However, finding the right saltwater system to buy for your home might be a real problem. There are so many systems on the market already, with each of them offering something attractive to users. How do you find the right one for your needs?

Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater System

Here are several things that you might want to consider in using a saltwater pool system:

1 System maintenance

Even though saltwater pools are practically easy to maintain, you need to check on your water at least once a week. This is just to make sure that the system is producing natural chorine that will keep the pool safe for swimmers. A good system is one that will eliminate the need for you to repair and maintain it often times. It should be very easy and cheap to keep in good working condition. It is the kind of system you can rely on even when you do not have enough time to always attend to it.

2 Safety to the eyes

The reason why a lot of people protect their eyes whenever they go swimming is because many pools are usually not safe to the eyes. When swimming in the sea for instance, your eyes may start to feel as though they are burning. This is the fear that many people have in all the pools they swim in. Good saltwater pool systems however will not present this problem. They have extremely low levels of salt and no chemicals, therefore absolutely safe for your eyes.

3 Taste issues

Saltwater pool systems do not necessary taste salty. Swimmers do not have to worry about the intense taste of salt while swimming. You will not even know that you are in a saltwater pool. Besides, the taste of salt is way better than the taste and smell of chlorine.

4 Damage to your pool equipment

There is a chance that a saltwater system might affect your pool and pool equipment. The damage is mainly dependent on the kind of material your pool is made of. A concrete pool for instance will be damaged a lot quickly than one made from fiberglass. Consider your pool type before buying a saltwater system. In case if damage to your pool equipment, you can always replace it.

Intex Salt Water Pool Systems for Above Ground Pool Review

This is one of the best saltwater pool systems on the market today. It is capable of providing maximum sanitation to give you clean pool water. The system will help replace the dangerous pool water that is packaged with chlorine and give you natural, pure salt water that is absolutely safe.

Intex Salt Water Pool Systems for Above Ground Pool Review

To effectively sanitize your pool water, the system uses a unique two-stage technology:

  • It first of all adds a small amount of chlorine with natural salt that is swimmer-safe to the pool water, which then passes through a unique filtration process. This creates soft, fresh and clean water without all the harsh chemicals found in an ordinary pool.
  • After the filtration process, the water molecules are broken into powerful oxidants, which are capable of destroying any contaminants that might be present in the pool water. These contaminants include algae and bacteria.

Simply put, the system provides a very strong combination of powerful oxidants and natural chlorine, which results in the strongest and safest water sanitation. The production of powerful oxidants is what makes this saltwater pool system unique.

The system’s best features include

  • The system is designed to handle swimming pools with a capacity of up to 15,000 gallons of water or less.
  • It has a voltage of 110-120V, which mean that it cannot be adversely affected if used with lower voltages.
  • It features a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) that is designed to protect the system in case of a ground fault within as little as 1/40 of a second.
  • Its chlorine output can amount to up to 12 grams in an hour
  • The system weighs about 20.7 pounds only.
  • It has a 24 hour automatic clock cycle that can be used to pre-program the system to suit the user’s needs
  • It requires a filter pump with a flow rate of between 700 and 3000 gph


  • It’s a great choice for people who have limited time for maintenance. You can enjoy swimming the entire week without worrying about it. Unless there is water loss on the pool, or there is heavy downpour that may dilute the pool water, you may not need to add salt to the system any time soon.
  • The system is easy to install and use. The unit comes with a user manual that is easy to follow for installation and use. After installation, you just need to program it and that’s it. After the programming, it will work for you without your interference.
  • The system makes the pool absolutely safe, unlike the chlorinated pools. You can enjoy your swims without worrying about damage to your skin, hair, eyeballs, nails, pool items or your swimsuits.
  • The system will save your money and time. To start with, it is absolutely cheap. A new unit will cost co much less than an ordinary pool system. It requires zero maintenance, thus reducing the maintenance costs as well. Also, you save money on chlorine tabs too.


  • If you are already used to an ordinary pool, you may find the saltwater pool strange. This is because there is no smell of chlorine and other chemicals in the water.
  • People who have salt allergies will definitely not swim safely in a saltwater pool
  • The amount of salt the system runs will be enough to keep it clean but not to give a swimmer a float. This can be frustrating to swimmers who want to enjoy a great swim.

Installation and safety

This saltwater pool system is very affordable and is one of the easiest to install pool water systems out there. It is also absolutely easy to use. The systems works fast too; only half a day is required to convert the normal well water pool into crystal-clear saltwater pool. The converted water will have some large pieces and other times bugs in it. These can be removed easily and quickly with a net. If you have a pool vacuum or skimmer, you will always get to enjoy a pool that is sparkly clean.

On matters safety, the system meets all the safety standards which include its chlorine output. The amount of chlorine the system produces is not too much, which might be unsafe for swimmers. With a production of only 12g per hour, there is nothing to worry about.


Intex salt water pool systems are some of the safest, most affordable and easy to use pool systems on the market today. The Intex Krystal Clear saltwater system with ECO is an exceptional choice for anyone that wants to enjoy clean pool water every time they want to swim, but offer minimal maintenance. The system is a perfect choice for above ground pools as long as its meets the minimum flow rate requirements. You only need to install, program it and you can enjoy swimming in clean and safe water every day.

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