How was keyboard cat made?

How was keyboard cat made?

Keyboard Cat, the beloved internet sensation, became a viral sensation in 2007. The iconic video features a cat named Fatso “playing” a catchy tune on a keyboard. But have you ever wondered how this feline maestro was created? Let’s delve into the story behind the making of Keyboard Cat.

The origin of Keyboard Cat can be traced back to 1984, long before the era of viral videos and internet stardom. Charlie Schmidt, an artist and puppeteer, recorded a video of his cat, Fatso, sitting on a keyboard and seemingly pawing at the keys. The footage was captured on a failing VHS camera, giving it a distinct retro feel.

Fast forward to 2007, when the video was rediscovered by a blogger named Brad O’Farrell, who then shared it on the popular website, YouTube. O’Farrell saw potential in this quirky and amusing video and added a simple faded title, “Charlie Schmidt’s Keyboard Cat!” The internet community immediately embraced the video, and it rapidly gained millions of views.

But what truly made Keyboard Cat a phenomenon was the addition of an iconic tune. The original footage with Fatso was overlaid with a catchy song called “Curb Your Enthusiasm” by the American composer, Angelo Badalamenti. This fusion of an adorable cat and a memorable soundtrack was pure gold and turned Keyboard Cat into a viral sensation.

Adding to the popularity, Keyboard Cat’s music perfectly synced with various unexpected moments, making it an instant go-to for internet users who wanted to add a touch of humor to their videos. The combination of the cat’s stoic demeanor and the cheerful melody resonated with millions across the globe.

Since the rise of Keyboard Cat, numerous imitations and remixes have emerged, paying tribute to this internet legend. Its impact has been felt in pop culture, with appearances in TV shows, commercials, and even video games.

To celebrate the enduring legacy of Keyboard Cat, here are some frequently asked questions answered:

1. Who owns Keyboard Cat?

Charlie Schmidt, the original creator of the video, holds the rights to Keyboard Cat. However, the video is widely shared and embraced by the online community.

2. Is Keyboard Cat a boy or a girl?

Keyboard Cat, Fatso, was a male cat.

3. What breed was Keyboard Cat?

Fatso, the star of Keyboard Cat, was a long-haired orange tabby.

4. How did Keyboard Cat get its name?

Keyboard Cat was named after the main feature of the video: the cat’s skillful “playing” on a keyboard.

5. How did the Keyboard Cat video become popular?

The video became popular due to its viral nature and the amusing combination of a cat playing the keyboard and a catchy tune.

6. Can Keyboard Cat actually play the keyboard?

No, Keyboard Cat did not possess the ability to play the keyboard. The actions were simply a result of Charlie Schmidt placing Fatso’s paws on the keys while supporting him.

7. How many views does Keyboard Cat have?

As of now, the various uploads of Keyboard Cat videos have accumulated hundreds of millions of views collectively.

8. Did Keyboard Cat inspire any other internet memes?

Yes, Keyboard Cat has inspired several similar videos featuring animals and humans playing musical instruments or engaging in humorous activities.

9. Is the song in Keyboard Cat original?

No, the song used in Keyboard Cat, “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” was composed by Angelo Badalamenti for the TV show of the same name.

10. Can you still buy Keyboard Cat merchandise?

Yes, Keyboard Cat merchandise is available, including t-shirts, mugs, and accessories, allowing fans to show their love for the internet sensation.

11. Are there any recent Keyboard Cat appearances?

While the original Fatso passed away in 1987, the legacy of Keyboard Cat lives on through various tribute videos and fan creations.

12. Is there a Keyboard Cat documentary?

Yes, there is a documentary called “The Story Behind Keyboard Cat” that explores the history and impact of this viral sensation.

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