How to use omron digital blood pressure monitor hem 712c?

**How to use Omron digital blood pressure monitor HEM 712C?**

Omron digital blood pressure monitor HEM 712C is a reliable and easy-to-use device for measuring blood pressure at home. Follow these simple steps to correctly use the monitor:

1. **Prepare the monitor:** Ensure that the device is in working condition and the batteries are properly inserted. Make sure the device is placed on a stable surface.

2. **Prepare yourself:** It is advisable to rest for 5 minutes before taking the measurement. Avoid any physical activity or consuming caffeinated beverages or tobacco products. Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight and feet flat on the floor.

3. **Wrap the cuff:** Remove any tight-fitting clothing from your upper arm. Put your left arm through the cuff and position it approximately 0.5 to 1 inch above the elbow. The cuff should be wrapped around the arm firmly, but not too tight.

4. **Find the pulse:** Rest your arm on a table or armrest and keep your palm facing upward. Locate your brachial artery pulse by lightly pressing your index and middle fingers on your inner arm, underneath the cuff.

5. **Position the monitor:** Place the main unit of the Omron blood pressure monitor close to you, within easy reach. The display should be easily readable and positioned at eye level.

6. **Power on and select user:** Press the “Start/Stop” button to power on the device. Select your user profile if multiple profiles are available. Make sure the date and time are set correctly.

7. **Start the measurement:** Press the “Start/Stop” button again to start the measurement process. Keep your arm resting comfortably on the table or armrest and follow any additional instructions prompted by the monitor.

8. **Stay still and relaxed:** During the measurement, try to stay as still and relaxed as possible. Do not talk or move your fingers, as it may affect the accuracy of the reading. The monitor will display your blood pressure measurement once it is completed.

9. **Record your results:** Make a note of your blood pressure reading, along with the date and time. This will help you track your blood pressure trends over time and share the information with your healthcare provider, if needed.

10. **Power off the device:** After recording your results, power off the Omron blood pressure monitor by pressing the “Start/Stop” button. Remove the cuff from your arm and store the monitor in a safe place.


1. Can I use the Omron digital blood pressure monitor HEM 712C on either arm?

Yes, you can use it on either arm, but it is recommended to consistently use the same arm for accurate comparisons.

2. Can I use the monitor if I have an irregular heartbeat?

Yes, the Omron HEM 712C can detect irregular heartbeats. However, consult your healthcare provider for a proper assessment of your condition.

3. How often should I measure my blood pressure?

It is advisable to measure your blood pressure at least once a day, preferably at the same time each day, to establish a consistent pattern.

4. Is the cuff adjustable for different arm sizes?

Yes, the cuff is adjustable to fit different arm sizes. It is suitable for arm circumferences ranging from 9 to 17 inches (22 to 42 cm).

5. Can I share my blood pressure data with my healthcare provider?

Yes, some Omron digital blood pressure monitors, including the HEM 712C, have the capability to store and transfer data to a computer or smartphone for easy sharing with healthcare professionals.

6. Does the monitor require calibration?

No, the Omron HEM 712C is pre-calibrated and does not require further calibration. However, it is recommended to have it checked periodically for accuracy.

7. Can I use the monitor without an electrical power source?

Yes, the Omron HEM 712C operates on batteries, making it portable and usable even without access to an electrical outlet.

8. How accurate is the monitor?

The Omron HEM 712C is clinically validated for accurate blood pressure measurements when used according to the provided instructions.

9. Can I use the monitor for someone else?

Yes, the monitor can be used for different users by selecting the appropriate user profile, provided multiple profiles are available.

10. Can the monitor detect high blood pressure?

Yes, the Omron HEM 712C can detect high blood pressure. It is important to consult your healthcare provider to interpret the results and seek appropriate medical advice.

11. Can I use the monitor if I have a pacemaker?

People with pacemakers should consult their healthcare provider before using any electronic device, including the blood pressure monitor, to ensure it is safe for use.

12. Is the monitor suitable for children?

The Omron HEM 712C is primarily designed for adult use. For accurate blood pressure measurements in children, it is recommended to use a blood pressure monitor specifically designed for pediatric use.

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