How to use a monitor when laptop is closed?


Using a monitor with your laptop can provide a better viewing experience and increased productivity. However, many people wonder how to utilize a monitor when the laptop is closed. In this article, we’ll explore the various methods to successfully use a monitor with a closed laptop.

Method 1: Using External Display Settings

One of the simplest ways to use a monitor with a closed laptop is by adjusting the external display settings. To do this, follow these steps:
1. **Connect your laptop to the monitor using an HDMI or VGA cable.**
2. Once the connection is established, go to your laptop’s display settings.
3. Look for the option to “Extend” or “Duplicate” the display, and choose the “Extend” option.
4. **Close the laptop lid carefully while ensuring it does not go into sleep or hibernate mode.**
5. Your laptop screen will turn off, and the monitor will become your primary display.

Method 2: Using External Keyboard and Mouse

If you prefer using your laptop’s keyboard and mouse while your laptop is closed, you can follow these steps to achieve that:
1. **Connect your laptop to the monitor as described in Method 1.**
2. **Attach an external USB or wireless keyboard and mouse to your laptop.**
3. Adjust the external display settings, as mentioned earlier, to extend the display and make the monitor your primary screen.
4. **Ensure your laptop’s lid is securely closed without triggering the sleep or hibernate mode.**
5. Now, you can work on your laptop using the external keyboard and mouse while enjoying the benefits of a larger monitor.

Method 3: Using Laptop Stand or Docking Station

If you want a more stable and ergonomic setup, using a laptop stand or a docking station can be a great option. Here’s how to do it:
1. **Position your laptop on the stand or connect it to the docking station.**
2. Connect the monitor to the docking station or the laptop itself using an appropriate cable.
3. **Make sure the external display settings are configured to extend the display, using the instructions provided earlier.**
4. Close the laptop lid carefully without activating the sleep or hibernate mode.
5. **Now, you can work on your laptop using the monitor while enjoying the added benefit of an elevated and comfortable laptop position.**


1. Can any laptop be used with a closed lid?

No, not all laptops support the use of external displays with a closed lid. It primarily depends on the hardware and software configuration of your laptop.

2. How do I prevent my laptop from going into sleep or hibernate mode when closed?

You can prevent your laptop from entering sleep or hibernate mode by adjusting the power settings. Set it to “Do nothing” when the lid is closed.

3. Is it necessary to connect the laptop to a power source when using a closed monitor?

It is recommended to keep your laptop connected to a power source when using an external monitor, especially if you are performing resource-intensive tasks.

4. Can I adjust the screen brightness when using a closed monitor?

Yes, you can adjust the screen brightness by using the function keys on your laptop’s keyboard or through the display settings on your operating system.

5. Can I use a closed monitor without an external keyboard and mouse?

Yes, you can use a closed laptop with just a monitor. However, if you want to operate it conveniently, an external keyboard and mouse are recommended.

6. What if I want to wake up the laptop from sleep mode with the lid closed?

In such cases, you may need to use an external keyboard or mouse to wake up the laptop by pressing a key or moving the mouse.

7. Will using a monitor with a closed laptop affect the overall performance?

No, using a monitor with a closed laptop will not affect the performance as long as your laptop meets the hardware requirements of the external display.

8. Can I use different resolutions for my laptop screen and external monitor?

Yes, you can use different resolutions for your laptop screen and external monitor. Most operating systems allow you to customize the resolution settings individually.

9. What kind of cables do I need to connect my laptop to an external monitor?

The type of cable you need depends on the available ports on your laptop and monitor. Common options include HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, or USB-C cables.

10. Can I use multiple monitors with my laptop when the lid is closed?

Yes, you can connect multiple monitors to your laptop and use them with a closed lid. However, ensure your laptop supports multiple displays.

11. How do I switch back to using only my laptop screen?

To switch back to using only your laptop screen, access the display settings and choose the option to “Show only on 1” or “Disconnect this display.”

12. Can I change the orientation of the external monitor when using a closed laptop?

Yes, you can change the orientation of the external monitor by accessing the display settings and selecting the desired rotation option.

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