How to unlock iPhone 4s passcode with computer?

If you have forgotten the passcode to your iPhone 4s, you might be feeling frustrated or worried about losing access to your device. However, there is no need to panic! With the help of a computer, you can easily unlock your iPhone 4s passcode and regain access to all of your important data. In this article, we will guide you through the process step by step.

Unlocking iPhone 4s Passcode with a Computer

To unlock your iPhone 4s passcode using a computer, you will need the assistance of iTunes. Follow these simple steps to regain access to your device:

Step 1: Ensure you have the latest version of iTunes

Before you begin, make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer. This will ensure compatibility and a smooth unlocking process.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone 4s to the computer

Use the USB cable that came with your iPhone 4s to connect it to your computer.

Step 3: Launch iTunes

Once connected, launch iTunes on your computer. It should automatically detect your iPhone 4s.

Step 4: Put your iPhone 4s into Recovery Mode

To initiate the unlocking process, you need to put your iPhone 4s into Recovery Mode. Press and hold the power button and the home button simultaneously until the Apple logo appears. Release the power button while continuing to hold the home button. A message will appear on your computer screen indicating that your device is now in Recovery Mode.

Step 5: Restore your iPhone 4s

Once your iPhone 4s is in Recovery Mode, iTunes will prompt you to restore your device. Click on the “Restore” option. This will erase all data on your iPhone 4s, including the passcode.

Step 6: Set up your iPhone 4s as new

After the restoration process is complete, you can set up your iPhone 4s as a new device or restore from a backup. Choose the option that best suits your needs.


Q1: Will unlocking my iPhone 4s remove all of my data?

No, unlocking your iPhone 4s will not erase your data, but restoring it through iTunes will. It is important to have a recent backup before proceeding.

Q2: Can I unlock my iPhone 4s passcode without a computer?

No, unlocking an iPhone 4s passcode without a computer is not possible. You need iTunes and a computer to initiate the unlocking process.

Q3: What should I do if I don’t have access to my computer?

If you don’t have access to a computer, you can use someone else’s computer with iTunes installed to unlock your iPhone 4s passcode.

Q4: Can I use iCloud to unlock my iPhone 4s?

No, iCloud cannot be used to unlock an iPhone 4s passcode. It can only help you remotely erase your device if you have Find My iPhone enabled.

Q5: Will unlocking my iPhone 4s void its warranty?

Unlocking your iPhone 4s passcode using iTunes will not void your warranty.

Q6: Is there a way to unlock my iPhone 4s passcode without losing data?

No, if you have forgotten your passcode, restoring your iPhone 4s is the only way to unlock it, but it will result in the loss of your data unless you have a backup.

Q7: How long does the unlocking process take?

The duration of the unlocking process can vary depending on the speed of your computer, but it typically takes around 10 to 15 minutes.

Q8: Can I unlock my iPhone 4s without updating to the latest iOS version?

No, during the unlocking process, iTunes may require you to update your iPhone 4s to the latest iOS version. It is essential to follow the instructions provided by iTunes.

Q9: Can I unlock my iPhone 4s using third-party software?

There is third-party software available that may claim to unlock your iPhone 4s passcode, but using such software poses security risks and is not recommended.

Q10: What should I do if the unlocking process fails?

If the unlocking process fails, make sure you have followed the steps correctly. If you are still unable to unlock your iPhone 4s, consider contacting Apple Support for further assistance.

Q11: Can a passcode-locked iPhone 4s be unlocked by a third party?

It is highly unlikely that a third party can unlock a passcode-locked iPhone 4s without your permission or assistance. Always be cautious of potential scams.

Q12: Is it legal to unlock an iPhone 4s passcode?

Unlocking an iPhone 4s passcode using iTunes is entirely legal and does not violate any laws. However, it is important to ensure that you are the rightful owner of the device before proceeding with the unlocking process.


If you find yourself locked out of your iPhone 4s due to a forgotten passcode, unlocking it with the help of a computer and iTunes is a simple and effective solution. By following the step-by-step instructions provided, you can regain access to your device while ensuring the safety of your data. Remember to always keep your passcode in a safe place, or consider using alternative unlocking methods like Face ID or Touch ID to prevent future lockouts.

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