How to unlock disabled iPhone 6 plus without computer?

If you have ever been locked out of your iPhone 6 Plus due to multiple wrong password attempts, you know how frustrating it can be. Many solutions out there require the use of a computer, but what if you don’t have one handy? Well, worry not! In this article, we will discuss how to unlock your disabled iPhone 6 Plus without using a computer.

The Answer: Using iCloud

To unlock a disabled iPhone 6 Plus without a computer, you can rely on iCloud and its “Find My iPhone” feature. Follow these steps:

1. Open a web browser and visit the iCloud website ( on any device.
2. Log in to iCloud using your Apple ID and password.
3. Once logged in, click on “Find iPhone.”
4. From the options available, click on “All Devices” at the top of the window.
5. Locate your disabled iPhone 6 Plus from the list of devices and select it.
6. In the device’s overview, click on “Erase iPhone.”
7. Confirm the erasure by clicking on “Erase.”
8. Your iPhone 6 Plus will be remotely erased, including the passcode.
9. Set up your iPhone as new or restore from a recent backup.
10. Your disabled iPhone 6 Plus is now unlocked, and you can access it without a passcode.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I unlock my disabled iPhone 6 Plus without a computer?

Yes, you can unlock your disabled iPhone 6 Plus without a computer by using iCloud’s “Find My iPhone” feature.

2. What if I don’t remember my iCloud credentials?

If you don’t remember your iCloud credentials, you can try recovering your Apple ID or resetting your password using Apple’s account recovery options.

3. Will erasing my iPhone remove all my data?

Yes, erasing your iPhone will delete all data and settings on your device. It is essential to have a backup before proceeding.

4. Can I use this method to unlock any iPhone model?

Yes, this method can be used to unlock any iPhone model as long as it has the “Find My iPhone” feature and is linked to your iCloud account.

5. Can I unlock my iPhone with someone else’s iCloud account?

No, you can only unlock your iPhone using your own iCloud account associated with that device.

6. How long does the erasure process take?

The time it takes to erase your iPhone depends on factors like your internet speed and the size of the data on your device. It can take a few minutes to an hour in most cases.

7. Can I use this method if my iPhone is not connected to the internet?

No, your iPhone needs to be connected to the internet for the erasure process to occur through iCloud.

8. What should I do if I don’t have access to another device to access iCloud?

You can try borrowing a device or using a public computer to access iCloud. Alternatively, you can visit an Apple Store, and they can assist you in unlocking your iPhone.

9. Will unlocking my disabled iPhone remove the Activation Lock?

Yes, unlocking your disabled iPhone will also remove the Activation Lock associated with it.

10. Can I use this method if I haven’t set up “Find My iPhone” previously?

Unfortunately, no. To use this method, you must have previously enabled “Find My iPhone” on your device.

11. What if I encounter any issues during the unlocking process?

If you encounter any issues during the unlocking process, it is recommended to contact Apple Support for further assistance.

12. Can I use this method if my iPhone has a broken screen?

Yes, you can still use this method if your iPhone has a broken screen as long as it is responsive and connected to the internet. However, physical repairs may be necessary to access your device fully.

In conclusion, getting locked out of your iPhone 6 Plus can be a frustrating experience. However, using iCloud’s “Find My iPhone” feature, you can quickly unlock your device without the need for a computer. Just make sure to have a backup of your data, as the erasure process will delete everything on your iPhone.

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