How to type in italics on phone keyboard?

Do you often find yourself wanting to emphasize certain words or phrases in your text messages or social media posts? While many phone keyboards don’t have a dedicated italics option, there are still ways to achieve this effect using formatting tricks. In this article, we will guide you through the process of typing in italics on a phone keyboard and provide answers to some related FAQs.

How to Type in Italics on Phone Keyboard?

To type in italics on a phone keyboard, you can make use of a simple technique known as “markdown.” Markdown is a lightweight markup language that allows you to add formatting to your plain text. Here’s how you can apply italics to your text using markdown:

*Method 1:*
1. Open the messaging or notes app on your phone.
2. Compose your text, and when you want to type in italics, put an underscore (_) on both sides of the word or phrase. For example, to type “hello” in italics, you would write “_hello_”.
3. Once you complete your message, send it or save it as desired. The underscore will not be visible, but the enclosed text will appear in italics when viewed.

*Method 2:*
1. If the underscore character (_, also known as the underscore key), is not readily accessible on your phone’s keyboard, you can use the asterisk (*) instead. For instance, to write “goodbye” in italics, you would type “*goodbye*”.
2. Remember to place an asterisk at the beginning and end of the word or phrase you want to italicize.
3. Confirm your message or save it, and the enclosed text should be displayed in italics.


1. Can I type in italics on all phone keyboards?

The method we described using markdown should work on most phone keyboards regardless of their make or model.

2. What if my phone’s keyboard does not have an underscore or an asterisk key?

If you can’t find an underscore or asterisk key on your keyboard, you can access special characters by long-pressing certain keys. Look for a “symbols” or “special characters” option on your keyboard and choose the underscore or asterisk from there.

3. Will the recipient see my text in italics if they have a different phone or operating system?

Yes, the formatting should be preserved regardless of the recipient’s device or operating system, as long as they are using a compatible messaging app.

4. Can I type in italics on social media platforms using this method?

It depends on the platform. Some websites and apps support markdown, thus allowing you to type in italics. However, others may not render the markdown formatting correctly.

5. Are there any mobile apps specifically designed for typing in italics?

Yes, there are apps available that offer advanced text formatting options, including italics. These apps usually provide a wide range of text styles and effects to enhance your messaging experience.

6. Is markdown limited to italics only?

No, markdown offers various text formatting options, such as bold, strikethrough, and even headers or bullet points. However, the level of markdown support may vary across different platforms.

7. Do all text communication platforms support markdown formatting?

No, not all applications or platforms allow the use of markdown. It’s always best to check the platform’s documentation or search for information specific to that app before assuming markdown will work.

8. Can I use markdown on my desktop or laptop keyboard as well?

Yes, markdown is a language that works across different devices and keyboards. You can utilize markdown on your computer’s keyboard using similar rules as on a phone keyboard.

9. Is there an easy way to switch between plain text and italicized text while typing?

To switch between plain text and italicized text while typing using markdown, you can simply add or remove the underscore or asterisk characters from around the selected word or phrase.

10. Why don’t phone keyboards have a dedicated italics button?

Phone keyboards often prioritize simplicity and space efficiency, which means dedicated formatting buttons like italics might not be included. However, as we shared earlier, you can still use markdown to achieve the desired formatting.

11. Can I type in italics using voice dictation on my phone?

Unfortunately, voice dictation on phones typically does not recognize markdown formatting. As a result, it may not be possible to dictate your text in italics using this feature.

12. Are there other ways to type in italics on a phone keyboard without using markdown?

While markdown is a widely accepted method for applying italics, some apps and platforms may offer alternative ways to format your text. For instance, rich text editors or additional keyboard apps may provide italics functionality without requiring markdown coding.

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