How to turn on keyboard lights on Windows 10?

If you are using a laptop or a gaming keyboard, you might have noticed that some models come with a feature to illuminate the keys. This can be pretty beneficial especially in low-light conditions or if you simply prefer a well-lit keyboard. If you’re wondering how to turn on the keyboard lights on Windows 10, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will guide you through the process step by step.

Step 1: Check if your keyboard supports backlighting

Not all keyboards have built-in backlighting, so it’s crucial to check if your keyboard supports this feature. Most laptops come with backlighting, and some gaming keyboards also have it. Look for symbols or labels on your keyboard that indicate backlighting capabilities, such as an icon that looks like a light bulb.

Step 2: Identify keyboard backlighting controls

Once you have confirmed that your keyboard has backlighting, you need to locate the controls. On laptops, the backlighting control is generally a function key combination. Look for a key labeled “Fn” and another key with a backlighting symbol. This symbol is usually an icon that resembles a sun or a light bulb. On gaming keyboards, the controls are typically located directly on the keyboard itself, often in the form of dedicated keys or buttons.

Step 3: Enable keyboard backlighting

To turn on the keyboard lights on Windows 10, follow these steps:

1. On a laptop, press and hold the “Fn” key.
2. While holding the “Fn” key, press the backlighting control key. This key is usually indicated with an icon that represents backlighting.
3. Release both keys and voila! Your keyboard lights should now be on.

On a gaming keyboard, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific key combination or button that activates the backlighting. These controls can vary based on the model and brand of the keyboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I adjust the brightness of my keyboard lights on Windows 10?

To adjust the brightness, repeat the steps to turn on the lights and then use the specific brightness control key combination or button that corresponds to your keyboard.

2. My keyboard has no backlighting. Can I add it?

Unfortunately, if your keyboard doesn’t have backlighting built-in, it cannot be added as an aftermarket feature. You would have to look into purchasing a new keyboard that supports backlighting.

3. Are there any software options to control keyboard backlighting?

While some gaming keyboards offer software control for backlighting, most standard keyboards do not. It is recommended to check the manufacturer’s website or user manual for any available software options.

4. Can I turn on keyboard lights permanently?

Yes, most keyboards allow you to set the backlighting to stay on permanently by adjusting the settings either through the manufacturer’s software or the keyboard shortcuts.

5. How can I turn off keyboard lights on Windows 10?

To turn off the keyboard lights, you can either repeat the steps mentioned above and toggle the backlighting off, or if available, use a designated key combination or button to turn off the lights directly.

6. Will enabling keyboard lights drain my laptop’s battery faster?

Yes, enabling keyboard backlighting can contribute slightly to battery consumption, but the impact is generally minimal. If you’re concerned about maximizing your laptop’s battery life, it’s advisable to adjust the backlight brightness to a lower setting.

7. Can I change the color of my keyboard lights?

Most keyboards with backlighting offer a limited selection of colors or a single color option. However, there are gaming keyboards available that allow customization of backlighting colors.

8. Is there a way to schedule my keyboard lights to turn on and off at specific times?

By default, keyboard lights do not have a built-in scheduler. Nevertheless, there might be third-party software available that enables you to schedule keyboard backlighting, but they may be keyboard model-specific.

9. Why are my keyboard lights not working?

If your keyboard lights are not working, ensure that your keyboard supports backlighting, double-check your keyboard shortcuts or key combinations, and make sure you have the necessary drivers installed. If the issue persists, consider contacting the manufacturer for assistance.

10. Can I adjust the keyboard light timeout?

The timeout settings for keyboard backlighting vary across different keyboards. Please refer to your device’s user manual or visit the manufacturer’s website to learn how to modify the timeout settings, if available.

11. Are there any shortcuts to toggle keyboard lights on and off?

Keyboard shortcuts to toggle keyboard lights on and off can vary depending on the device and manufacturer. Please consult your keyboard’s user manual or the manufacturer’s website for the specific shortcut applicable to your keyboard.

12. What should I do if my keyboard does not have backlighting controls?

If your keyboard does not have dedicated backlighting controls, you may consider using external solutions such as USB-powered LED light strips that can be placed behind the keyboard to achieve a similar effect.

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