How to turn off Mac display when connected to monitor?

**How to turn off Mac display when connected to monitor?**

If you’re using a Mac and have it connected to an external monitor, you may want to turn off the Mac’s display to save energy or prevent distractions. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to achieve this:

1. **Using Hot Corners:** A convenient way to turn off your Mac’s display is by utilizing a feature called Hot Corners. To enable this, go to “System Preferences” > “Mission Control” > “Hot Corners.” Choose a corner of your screen, then click the drop-down menu next to it and select “Put Display to Sleep.” Now, whenever you move your cursor to that corner, the Mac’s display will turn off.

2. **Keyboard Shortcut Method:** Another way to quickly turn off your Mac’s display is by using a keyboard shortcut. Press the “Control + Shift + Power” keys simultaneously, and the display will go to sleep mode. To turn it back on, simply press any key or move your mouse.

3. **Closing the Lid:** If you have a MacBook, you can simply close the lid to put the Mac to sleep and turn off the display. However, be aware that closing the lid will also put your Mac into sleep mode, which means all ongoing tasks will be paused.

4. **Using Terminal Commands:** For those who prefer a more technical approach, you can utilize Terminal commands to turn off your Mac’s display. Open Terminal from the Applications > Utilities folder, then type the command “pmset displaysleepnow” and hit Enter. This will put your Mac’s display to sleep immediately.

5. **Third-Party Apps:** Additionally, there are third-party apps available on the App Store that allow you to control your Mac’s display from the menu bar, providing more options for customizing the behavior.



How can I wake up my Mac’s display after turning it off?

To wake up your Mac’s display, simply move your mouse or press any key on the keyboard.


Will turning off the display affect the external monitor’s performance?

No, turning off your Mac’s display will not have any impact on the performance or resolution of the connected external monitor.


Can I turn off just the Mac’s display while keeping the external monitor on?

Yes, by following the methods mentioned above, you can turn off your Mac’s display while still keeping the external monitor active.


Does using Hot Corners affect other functionalities?

No, Hot Corners is designed to be independent of other functionalities and should not interfere with your normal usage.


Can I set a specific time for my Mac’s display to turn off automatically?

By default, macOS does not offer an option to schedule the automatic turning off of the display. However, you can use third-party apps or create an Automator workflow to accomplish this.


Will the Mac continue running when the display is turned off?

Yes, turning off the display only puts the monitor to sleep and does not affect the Mac’s overall operation. It will continue running background tasks.


Which macOS versions support the Hot Corners feature?

Hot Corners have been a built-in feature of macOS for several years and are available on most versions, including the latest ones.


Is there any difference between putting the display to sleep and shutting down the Mac?

Sleep mode only turns off the display and puts the Mac into a low-power state, allowing it to quickly resume its previous state when the display is turned back on. Shutting down the Mac completely powers it off.


Can I turn off the display while playing videos or music on the connected external monitor?

Yes, turning off the Mac’s display will not interrupt or affect any ongoing tasks on the connected external monitor, including video playback or music.


Can I change the keyboard shortcut for turning off the display?

Unfortunately, macOS does not provide a built-in option to change the keyboard shortcut for turning off the display. However, you may be able to customize this feature using third-party apps or scripts.


Are there any alternatives to put my Mac’s display to sleep without using Hot Corners or keyboard shortcuts?

Yes, you can also create a custom Automator workflow or use specific third-party apps to achieve this goal.


Can I turn off my MacBook’s display without closing the lid?

Yes, by using the Hot Corners or keyboard shortcut methods mentioned earlier, you can turn off your MacBook’s display without closing the lid.

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