How to transfer open office dictionary to another computer?

OpenOffice is a widely used open-source productivity suite that rivals commercial software like Microsoft Office. One of the most valuable features of OpenOffice is its built-in dictionary, which helps users avoid spelling errors and improve their writing. But what if you need to transfer your OpenOffice dictionary to another computer? In this article, we will discuss an easy method to accomplish this task without any hassle.

Before we dive into the solution, it’s essential to understand where OpenOffice dictionaries are stored on your computer. In Windows, they are usually located within the user profile folder. Keep in mind that the exact location may vary based on your operating system and OpenOffice version. With these preliminary details out of the way, let’s delve into the step-by-step process to transfer your OpenOffice dictionary smoothly.

How to transfer OpenOffice dictionary to another computer?

To move your OpenOffice dictionary to another computer, follow the steps outlined below:

**Step 1: Locate the OpenOffice dictionary files on your current computer**
1. Open the File Explorer or My Computer window.
2. Type “%appdata%” (without quotes) in the address bar and press Enter.
3. Navigate to the “OpenOffice” folder.
4. Open the “4” folder (or the version number corresponding to your OpenOffice installation).
5. Go to the “user” folder, followed by the “wordbook” folder.

**Step 2: Copy the dictionary files**
1. Select all the files in the “wordbook” folder.
2. Right-click on the selected files and choose “Copy.”

**Step 3: Transfer the dictionary files**
1. Move the copied dictionary files to your desired storage device, such as a USB flash drive or external hard drive.
2. Safely eject the storage device from your current computer.

**Step 4: Paste the dictionary files on the new computer**
1. Connect the storage device to the new computer.
2. Using File Explorer or My Computer, navigate to the same OpenOffice user profile folder as in Step 1.
3. Open the “wordbook” folder.
4. Right-click within the folder and select “Paste.”

Congratulations! You have successfully transferred your OpenOffice dictionary to another computer. The next time you open OpenOffice on the new computer, the transferred dictionary files will be available for use.

Now, let’s address some frequently asked questions about transferring OpenOffice dictionaries:


1. How can I find the user profile folder on Mac?

On macOS, the user profile folder is located in the user’s Library/Application Support/OpenOffice directory.

2. Can I copy individual dictionaries instead of all of them?

Yes, you can selectively copy individual dictionaries from the “wordbook” folder instead of copying all the files.

3. Can I email the dictionary files to the new computer instead of using a storage device?

Yes, you can attach the dictionary files to an email and send them to the new computer, then download and save the files in the appropriate folder.

4. Will the transferred dictionary files work in different OpenOffice versions?

The transferred dictionary files will work as long as both OpenOffice versions are relatively similar. However, it’s recommended to use the same or compatible OpenOffice versions to ensure compatibility.

5. Can I use the transferred dictionary files in LibreOffice?

Yes, you can use the transferred dictionary files in LibreOffice, as both OpenOffice and LibreOffice share the same dictionary format.

6. Can I transfer the dictionary files from Windows to Linux (or vice versa)?

Yes, you can transfer the dictionary files between different operating systems. Just make sure you navigate to the correct OpenOffice user profile folder equivalent on the target system.

7. How can I backup the dictionary files on my current computer?

Simply copy the dictionary files to an external storage device or a cloud storage service to create a backup.

8. Can I merge dictionaries from multiple computers into one?

Yes, you can merge the dictionary files from multiple computers by copying them into the same “wordbook” folder on the destination computer.

9. What happens if I overwrite existing dictionary files on the new computer?

If you overwrite the existing dictionary files on the new computer, the previous dictionaries will be replaced entirely by the transferred ones.

10. Can I move the dictionary files to a specific directory on the new computer?

No, the OpenOffice dictionary files must be stored in the “wordbook” folder within the OpenOffice user profile directory. Moving them to a different location won’t work.

11. Should I close OpenOffice on the new computer before pasting the dictionary files?

It’s not necessary to close OpenOffice before pasting the dictionary files. You can perform the transfer while OpenOffice is running.

12. How frequently should I update the transferred dictionary files?

It’s recommended to regularly update your OpenOffice dictionaries to ensure they are current and provide accurate spell-checking. Check for updates on the official OpenOffice website or within the application itself.

By following the steps and addressing the related questions mentioned above, you can effortlessly transfer your OpenOffice dictionary to another computer and continue benefiting from reliable spell-checking and improved writing accuracy.

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