How to transfer music on iPhone without computer?

There’s no doubt that iPhones are an excellent tool for listening to music on the go. However, sometimes we find ourselves without access to a computer, making it challenging to transfer new music to our devices. But fear not! In this article, we will explore various methods for transferring music to your iPhone without the need for a computer.

How to transfer music on iPhone without a computer?

The Answer: Use third-party music transfer apps

When it comes to transferring music to your iPhone without a computer, third-party apps are your best friend. These apps allow for seamless music transfer from different sources, including cloud storage, streaming platforms, and even other devices. Let’s delve into the details and discover how you can transfer music on your iPhone without a computer:


Can I transfer music from streaming platforms?

Yes, some third-party apps like Spotify and Apple Music allow you to download songs for offline listening, eliminating the need for a computer.


Can I transfer music from cloud storage?

Absolutely! Apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive let you download music files and play them from within the app.


How can I transfer music using Wi-Fi?

Several apps, such as AirMore and SHAREit, enable you to transfer music wirelessly between your computer and iPhone using Wi-Fi.


What about transferring music from other devices?

Apps like Xender and Bluetooth File Transfer enable direct music transfer between iPhones or from Android devices without requiring a computer.


Can I use iTunes Store for music transfers?

Yes, the iTunes Store app on your iPhone allows you to purchase and download music directly to your device without a computer.


How can I import music using cloud music players?

Apps like Google Play Music and Amazon Music let you upload your music library to the cloud, making it accessible on your iPhone without a computer.


Can I transfer music via email?

While not the most efficient method, you can send music files to yourself as email attachments and download them on your iPhone.


Are there any apps for transferring music between iPhones?

Certainly! Apps like AnyTrans and iMobie PhoneTrans enable seamless music transfers between iPhones without using a computer.


Can I transfer music using a USB cable?

If you have a lightning to USB adapter, you can transfer music using a USB drive or an external hard drive with music files.


Can I transfer music using cloud-based music managers?

Apps like MusiCloud and Cesium allow you to manage and transfer music files from cloud storage services to your iPhone wirelessly.


Can I transfer music using file manager apps?

File manager apps such as Documents by Readdle and FileMaster have built-in music transfer capabilities, making it easy to move songs to your iPhone.


Can I use music download apps from the App Store?

Yes, some apps, like Free Music Download & Player and MusicPiped, enable you to download and listen to music directly within the app.

In conclusion, transferring music to your iPhone without a computer is entirely possible, thanks to the plethora of third-party apps available. Whether you opt for cloud storage, streaming platforms, wireless transfers, or other methods, you can easily add new tunes to your iPhone and enjoy them on the go. So, explore these options and never run out of music again, even when a computer is out of the picture.

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