How to transfer ftm from one computer to another?

Whether you’re upgrading to a new computer or simply need to transfer your FTM (Family Tree Maker) software to a different machine, the process can seem daunting at first. However, with the right guidance, transferring FTM becomes a seamless task. This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to transfer FTM from one computer to another, as well as answer some related frequently asked questions.

The Step-by-Step Guide

1. Backup your FTM files: Before initiating the transfer process, it’s essential to create a backup of your FTM files on the original computer. This ensures that no data is lost during the transfer.

2. Find the backup location: Locate the folder where your FTM files are saved on the original computer. Generally, it is found in “Documents” or a dedicated “FTM” folder.

3. Copy the backup files: Once you’ve located the folder, copy all the FTM backup files onto an external storage device, such as a USB drive or an external hard drive.

4. Connect the storage device: Insert the storage device into the new computer where you wish to transfer the FTM software.

5. Locate the FTM installation file: Find and download the installation file for Family Tree Maker on the new computer.

6. Install FTM: Run the installation file and follow the on-screen instructions to install Family Tree Maker on the new computer.

7. Paste the backup files: Once the installation is complete, navigate to the location where FTM files are stored on the new computer. Paste the backup files you copied earlier into this location, replacing any existing files if prompted.

8. Open FTM: Launch Family Tree Maker on the new computer. Your family tree and all associated data should now be accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I transfer FTM using a cloud storage service?

Yes, you can. Simply upload your FTM files to a cloud storage service (e.g., Google Drive, Dropbox) from the original computer, and then download them onto the new computer.

2. Do I need to deactivate FTM on the original computer before transferring?

No, deactivation is not necessary. Transferring the backup files to a new computer does not require deactivating or uninstalling FTM from the original device.

3. Can I transfer FTM from a Windows computer to a Mac?

Yes, you can. Follow the same steps for transferring FTM, making sure to download the Mac-compatible version of Family Tree Maker on the new computer.

4. Will my media files transfer along with my FTM data?

Yes, when you create a backup of your FTM files, it includes all associated media files (photos, documents, etc.). So when you transfer the backup files, all media files will also move to the new computer.

5. Do I need an internet connection for the transfer process?

An internet connection is only required for downloading the installation file for Family Tree Maker on the new computer. The actual transfer can be done offline using an external storage device.

6. What if I have multiple family trees in FTM?

If you have multiple family trees, you need to back up and transfer each tree separately. Ensure that you copy the correct files for the specific tree you want to transfer.

7. How can I verify the integrity of my transferred FTM files?

After transferring FTM, open the software on the new computer and carefully review your family tree data to verify its integrity. Additionally, you can compare reports or run consistency checks within FTM to ensure everything transferred accurately.

8. Can I transfer FTM using an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi Direct?

Yes, if both computers support Ethernet or Wi-Fi Direct connection, you can transfer FTM directly between them without using external storage devices.

9. Do I need to uninstall FTM from the original computer after transfer?

Uninstalling FTM from the original computer is not mandatory but recommended to avoid any confusion or conflicts. However, make sure you have successfully transferred and validated your data before uninstalling.

10. Will the transfer process affect my FTM settings and preferences?

No, transferring FTM to a new computer does not alter your settings or preferences. Once transferred, you should find your configuration and customization preserved.

11. Can I perform the transfer with an older version of FTM?

Yes, the transfer process is generally compatible with older versions of Family Tree Maker. However, updating to the latest version is recommended for optimal functionality and support.

12. What if I encounter issues during the transfer process?

If you encounter any issues while transferring FTM, make sure to check official documentation, user forums, or contact Family Tree Maker’s support for guidance on troubleshooting specific problems.

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