How to transfer contacts from zte phone to computer?

Transferring contacts from your ZTE phone to your computer can be a smart move. It not only allows you to back up and save your important contacts but also makes it easier to manage them. If you’re wondering how to transfer contacts from a ZTE phone to your computer, you’re in the right place. In this article, we will guide you through the process step by step, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

How to transfer contacts from ZTE phone to computer?

The process of transferring contacts from a ZTE phone to a computer is relatively simple. There are multiple methods you can use, depending on your preference and the available tools. Let’s take a look at two popular methods:

1. **Using a USB Cable:**
– Connect your ZTE phone to your computer using a USB cable.
– Open the file explorer on your computer and locate your phone’s storage.
– Look for a folder named “Contacts” or a similar name.
– Copy and paste the contacts folder onto your computer.
– Once the transfer is complete, safely disconnect your phone from the computer.

2. **Using Mobile Transfer Software:**
– Install a reliable mobile transfer software, such as MobileTrans or Mobiledit, on your computer.
– Launch the software and connect your ZTE phone to the computer using a USB cable.
– Follow the on-screen instructions to detect and connect your device.
– Select the contacts you want to transfer and choose the export option to save them on your computer.


1. Can I transfer contacts from my ZTE phone to a computer wirelessly?

Yes, some apps and services like Google Contacts and Microsoft Outlook allow wireless synchronization between your phone and computer.

2. What if I don’t have a USB cable?

You can use Bluetooth to transfer contacts wirelessly between your ZTE phone and computer if both devices support Bluetooth connectivity.

3. Are there any specific requirements for mobile transfer software?

While specific requirements may vary depending on the software, generally, you need a compatible computer running a supported operating system.

4. Can I transfer contacts from my ZTE phone to a Mac computer?

Yes, the methods mentioned above are applicable to both Windows and Mac computers.

5. How do I ensure my contacts are safely backed up?

Besides transferring them to your computer, consider syncing your contacts with cloud services like Google Contacts or iCloud for an additional layer of backup.

6. Can I transfer other data, such as photos or messages, using the same methods?

Yes, the methods mentioned above can be used to transfer various kinds of data, not limited to just contacts.

7. Does transferring contacts remove them from my ZTE phone?

No, transferring contacts from your ZTE phone to your computer creates a copy of the contacts on your computer while retaining them on your phone.

8. Can I transfer contacts from a broken ZTE phone?

If your ZTE phone is broken and unresponsive, it might be challenging to transfer contacts directly. However, if the phone’s storage is intact, you may be able to recover your contacts using specialized software or by connecting the phone to a computer via USB.

9. I prefer using cloud storage for backups. Can I transfer contacts to a cloud service instead?

Yes, many cloud storage services offer contact synchronization, allowing you to back up and access your contacts across multiple devices.

10. Are there any free mobile transfer software options?

Yes, there are free mobile transfer software options available, such as Syncios Mobile Manager or Moborobo, that allow you to transfer contacts from your ZTE phone to your computer.

11. Is it possible to transfer contacts using a memory card?

While transferring contacts directly using a memory card is not a common method, you can export your contacts to the memory card as a vCard or CSV file and later transfer it to your computer.

12. Can I import the contacts from my ZTE phone into specific contact management software on my computer?

Yes, after transferring the contacts to your computer, you can easily import them into contact management software like Microsoft Outlook or macOS Contacts by following the appropriate import instructions.

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