How to take screenshot on acer laptop?

Acer laptops offer a wide range of functionalities, and one of the most basic yet essential features is the ability to take screenshots. Whether you want to capture an important document, an interesting webpage, or an entertaining moment from a video, learning how to take a screenshot on your Acer laptop is a valuable skill. In this article, we will explore the various methods you can use to capture screenshots on your Acer laptop.

How to take a screenshot on Acer laptop?

The answer to the question “How to take a screenshot on Acer laptop?” is simple: There are different ways to take screenshots on an Acer laptop, and this includes utilizing keyboard shortcuts or dedicated software.


Method 1: Using the Print Screen key (PrtScn)

To capture the entire screen, simply press the “Print Screen” key on your keyboard (sometimes labeled as “PrtScn” or “PRTSC”). The screenshot will be saved to your clipboard, and you can paste it in an image editing software or a document.


Method 2: Using Alt + Print Screen

If you only want to capture the active window, press the “Alt” key along with the “Print Screen” key. The screenshot will be saved to your clipboard, and you can paste it wherever you need.


Method 3: Using Windows + Shift + S

On Windows 10, you can use the “Windows” key along with the “Shift” key and “S” to capture a specific region of your screen. After pressing these keys, your screen will dim, and you can select the desired area by clicking and dragging your mouse. The screenshot will be saved to your clipboard, and you can paste it as needed.


Method 4: Utilizing the Snipping Tool

Windows also provides a built-in tool called the “Snipping Tool” that offers more advanced screenshot options. Simply search for “Snipping Tool” in the Windows search bar and click on it to open the application. From there, you can choose from various snipping modes, such as free-form, rectangular, window, or full-screen. Once you’ve captured the screenshot, you can save it or annotate it using the available markup tools.


Method 5: Using Third-Party Screenshot Software

If you require additional features or more control over your screenshots, you can opt for third-party screenshot software. There are numerous options available online, such as Lightshot, Greenshot, or Snagit, which offer advanced editing tools, customizable hotkeys, and instant sharing capabilities.


1. Can I capture a specific area of the screen using keyboard shortcuts?

Yes, you can use the Windows + Shift + S shortcut on Windows 10 or third-party software with region capture functionality to capture a specific area of the screen.

2. How do I take a screenshot of just one window?

Press the Alt key along with the Print Screen key to capture only the active window.

3. How can I save a screenshot directly as an image file?

By default, screenshots captured using the methods mentioned above are saved to the clipboard. You need to paste the screenshot into an image editing software and then save it as an image file.

4. Is there any way to capture screenshots without using the keyboard?

Yes, if your Acer laptop has a touchscreen, you can use the touch gestures offered by Windows 10 to capture screenshots.

5. Can I take a screenshot of a video playing on my Acer laptop?

Yes, you can take a screenshot of a video playing on your Acer laptop. Simply pause the video at the desired moment, and then capture the screenshot using one of the mentioned methods.

6. Are there any limitations to the methods mentioned above?

No, these methods work universally on Acer laptops and most Windows-based computers.

7. Can I take screenshots on an Acer laptop running on Mac OS?

Yes, you can use the native screenshot shortcuts on Mac OS, such as Command + Shift + 3 to capture the entire screen or Command + Shift + 4 to capture a specific area.

8. How can I access the screenshots captured using these methods?

The screenshots taken using these methods are saved to the clipboard. You can paste them into an image editing software, a document, or directly save them as image files.

9. Can I take screenshots in games or fullscreen applications?

Yes, you can still use the keyboard shortcuts mentioned above to capture screenshots even in games or fullscreen applications.

10. What should I do if there is no Print Screen key on my Acer laptop?

Some laptops, including Acer models, may have dedicated screenshot keys or modified keyboard layouts. In such cases, you can check your user manual or search online for the specific key combination to capture screenshots.

11. Are there any alternatives to using the Snipping Tool or third-party software?

Yes, Windows 10 has a built-in tool called “Snip & Sketch” that combines the functionalities of the Snipping Tool and additional features for annotation and editing.

12. Can I directly share my screenshots on social media or through email?

Yes, most third-party screenshot software and built-in tools provide options to directly share your screenshots on social media platforms or through email.

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