How to see hidden files on external hard drive?

**How to See Hidden Files on External Hard Drive?**

External hard drives are a convenient way to store and back up large amounts of data. However, sometimes you may encounter hidden files on your external hard drive that are not visible through regular file explorers. These hidden files might be system files, temporary files, or even malicious files that have been intentionally hidden. In this article, we will discuss various methods to reveal these hidden files and access them on your external hard drive.


1. How do files become hidden on an external hard drive?

Files can become hidden on an external hard drive due to various reasons, such as system settings, malware infections, or intentional hiding by the user.

2. Why would someone intentionally hide files on an external hard drive?

Users may hide files on an external hard drive for privacy or security reasons. By hiding sensitive files, they can prevent unauthorized access or accidental deletion.

3. Can hidden files cause any harm to my computer?

Hidden files themselves are not harmful, but they may include malware or viruses. It is always important to scan any suspicious files with reliable antivirus software.

4. How can I reveal hidden files on my Windows computer?

To reveal hidden files on a Windows computer, open the File Explorer, go to the “View” tab, and check the box that says “Hidden items.”

5. Why can’t I see hidden files even after checking the “Hidden items” option?

Sometimes, certain malware infections or system settings may prevent the “Hidden items” option from working correctly. In such cases, additional steps are required to reveal hidden files.

6. Can I reveal hidden files on a Mac?

Yes, hidden files can be revealed on a Mac as well. By using Terminal, you can modify system settings to display hidden files on your external hard drive.

7. How do I reveal hidden files using Terminal on a Mac?

Open Terminal on your Mac and enter the command: “defaults write AppleShowAllFiles true” to display hidden files. Then, restart the Finder by entering “killall Finder” or rebooting your Mac.

8. Are there any third-party software options to reveal hidden files?

Yes, various third-party software options are available, such as File Explorer extensions or dedicated file recovery tools, that can help reveal and recover hidden files on your external hard drive.

9. Can I unhide selected files instead of revealing all hidden files?

Yes, most file explorers or software options allow you to manually unhide selected files by modifying their properties or attributes.

10. How can I protect my hidden files from unauthorized access?

To protect hidden files, you can set up password protection or encryption for your external hard drive. This way, even if someone gains physical access, they won’t be able to view or modify your hidden files without the password.

11. Are there any safety precautions to consider before revealing hidden files?

It is important to have reliable antivirus software installed and up to date to avoid potential malware infections when revealing hidden files. Scan your external hard drive beforehand for added security.

12. How can I hide files again after revealing them?

Once you have finished accessing or modifying the hidden files, you can hide them again by reversing the steps in your file explorer settings or using the appropriate commands in Terminal (for Mac users).

**In conclusion,** revealing hidden files on an external hard drive is essential for accessing sensitive or important data. By following the steps mentioned above, whether on a Windows computer or a Mac, you will be able to view or modify hidden files without any hassle. However, always exercise caution and have antivirus software in place to ensure the security of your files and prevent any potential malware threats.

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