How to screen mirror iPhone with HDMI cable?

Screen mirroring your iPhone with an HDMI cable is a simple and effective way to share your device’s screen onto a larger display. Whether you want to enjoy your favorite movies or TV shows on a bigger screen or showcase a presentation, screen mirroring via an HDMI cable provides a seamless solution. But how exactly can you screen mirror your iPhone with an HDMI cable? Let’s explore the steps involved:

How to screen mirror iPhone with HDMI cable?

To screen mirror your iPhone with an HDMI cable, follow these steps:

1. Obtain the necessary equipment: First, you’ll need an HDMI cable, preferably one with a lightning adapter on one end to connect to your iPhone. Ensure it is compatible with your device.

2. Connect the HDMI cable to your iPhone: Plug one end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI port on your TV or display. Then, attach the other end of the cable to the lightning adapter on your iPhone.

3. Switch the input on your TV: Use your TV remote to switch the input to the HDMI port that your iPhone is connected to. This step may vary depending on your TV model, so refer to your TV’s manual for guidance.

4. Unlock your iPhone: Unlock your iPhone using your passcode or Face ID to initiate the screen mirroring process.

5. Enable screen mirroring: For iPhone models with iOS 14 or later, swipe down from the upper-right corner of your screen to access the Control Center. Tap on the “Screen Mirroring” button and select your TV or display from the available options. A blue icon will appear on your iPhone’s screen indicating that screen mirroring is active.

6. Enjoy screen mirroring: Once connected, your iPhone’s screen will be mirrored on the TV or display. You can now navigate through your device, open apps, play videos, or showcase presentations, and they will be projected on the larger screen in real-time.

Screen mirroring via an HDMI cable offers a reliable and wired connection with minimal latency. It ensures a stable signal and allows you to enjoy high-quality content on a larger display. Now, let’s tackle some common questions related to screen mirroring the iPhone with an HDMI cable:


1. Can all iPhone models be screen mirrored with an HDMI cable?
Not all iPhone models support screen mirroring via an HDMI cable. Ensure that your iPhone model is compatible with video output through an HDMI connection.

2. Do I need a specific cable for screen mirroring?
Yes, you need an HDMI cable with a lightning connector. This cable allows you to connect your iPhone to the HDMI port on your TV or display.

3. Is screen mirroring the same as AirPlay?
No, screen mirroring using an HDMI cable is different from AirPlay. HDMI cable screen mirroring requires a wired connection, while AirPlay allows wireless screen mirroring between compatible devices.

4. Why should I use HDMI cable screen mirroring instead of wireless solutions?
HDMI cable screen mirroring offers a more stable and reliable connection compared to wireless solutions. It is also useful in scenarios where Wi-Fi connectivity might be limited or unstable.

5. Can I charge my iPhone while screen mirroring with an HDMI cable?
Yes, you can charge your iPhone simultaneously while screen mirroring with an HDMI cable. Simply connect your iPhone to a power source using a separate lightning cable.

6. Can I use an adapter if my TV doesn’t have an HDMI port?
Yes, you can use adapters like a Lightning Digital AV Adapter or a USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter to connect your iPhone to TVs or displays with different ports.

7. Can I screen mirror specific apps only?
Screen mirroring mirrors your entire iPhone’s screen, including all apps and content. Currently, there is no built-in option to selectively mirror specific apps.

8. Can I adjust the screen resolution while screen mirroring?
The screen resolution during screen mirroring is determined by the capabilities of your iPhone and the TV or display. You cannot adjust the resolution solely for screen mirroring purposes.

9. Do I need an internet connection for HDMI cable screen mirroring?
No, HDMI cable screen mirroring does not require an internet connection. It operates through a direct connection between your iPhone and the TV or display.

10. Can I use screen mirroring for gaming?
Yes, you can use screen mirroring with an HDMI cable for gaming. However, keep in mind that it may introduce some latency, depending on your setup.

11. Can I screen mirror multiple iPhones simultaneously?
No, you can only screen mirror one iPhone at a time using an HDMI cable. To switch between devices, you would need to disconnect and reconnect them individually.

12. Can I mirror my iPhone to a projector instead of a TV?
Yes, you can use an HDMI cable to mirror your iPhone to a projector that has an HDMI input. Connect your iPhone and the projector using the HDMI cable, then switch the projector to the HDMI input.

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