How to save youtube video to hard drive?

We all know how convenient it is to watch videos on YouTube, whether for educational purposes, entertainment, or just to keep up with the latest trends. But what if you want to save a YouTube video to your hard drive so that you can watch it offline or have a backup copy? Luckily, there are several methods available that allow you to do just that. In this article, we will explore the different ways to save YouTube videos to your hard drive.

Methods to Save YouTube Video to Hard Drive

1. Online Downloaders:

One of the easiest and most popular methods to save a YouTube video to your hard drive is by using online downloaders such as, ClipConverter, or Y2Mate. These websites allow you to paste the URL of the YouTube video and download it in various formats and quality options.

2. Browser Extensions:

Another convenient way to save YouTube videos to your hard drive is by using browser extensions like Video DownloadHelper for Firefox or YouTube Video Downloader for Google Chrome. These extensions add a download button below each video on YouTube, allowing you to save them directly to your computer.

3. VLC Media Player:

The versatile VLC Media Player not only allows you to watch videos but also enables you to save YouTube videos to your hard drive. Open VLC, go to Media > Open Network Stream, paste the YouTube video URL, click Play, and then navigate to Tools > Codec Information. In the “Location” section, copy the URL and paste it into your browser. The video will start playing, and you can right-click and choose “Save Video As” to download it.

4. Download YouTube Videos with 4K Video Downloader:

4K Video Downloader is a powerful software that is specifically designed to download videos from various platforms, including YouTube. Simply copy the YouTube video URL, open 4K Video Downloader, click “Paste Link,” choose the video quality and format, and then click “Download” to save the video to your hard drive.

5. Save YouTube Video Using VLC and Command Prompt:

For advanced users, you can also save YouTube videos to your hard drive using VLC and Command Prompt. This method involves using the Command Prompt to extract the video URL from the YouTube page source and then downloading it using VLC. Although it may seem complex, there are detailed guides available online to assist you with this process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I save YouTube videos legally?

Yes, you can save YouTube videos if you have the necessary permissions, such as downloading videos covered under the Creative Commons license or if the video is in the public domain.

2. Can I save YouTube videos to my hard drive on a mobile device?

Yes, you can save YouTube videos to your mobile device by using various apps available for Android and iOS, such as TubeMate, NewPipe, or Documents by Readdle.

3. Why should I download YouTube videos?

Downloading YouTube videos allows you to watch them offline, save bandwidth when you have a limited internet connection, create backup copies, or have access to videos if they are removed.

4. Are there any legal restrictions on saving YouTube videos?

Yes, downloading copyrighted videos without permission is illegal. Always make sure to respect the copyright laws and terms of service of YouTube when downloading videos.

5. Can I download YouTube videos in high quality?

Yes, you can download YouTube videos in high quality if the original video is uploaded in high definition. Most downloaders and software allow you to choose the quality before downloading.

6. How much hard drive space do I need to save YouTube videos?

The amount of hard drive space required depends on the size and number of videos you intend to save. Videos can range from a few megabytes to several gigabytes, so ensure you have enough free storage.

7. Can I edit downloaded YouTube videos?

Yes, once you have saved YouTube videos to your hard drive, you can edit them using video editing software to trim, add effects, or combine multiple videos.

8. Can I share downloaded YouTube videos with others?

Sharing downloaded YouTube videos may infringe upon copyright laws. Unless explicitly allowed by the video creator or YouTube, it is recommended to share video links instead.

9. Can I download YouTube livestreams?

Yes, there are methods available to download YouTube livestreams using specific software designed for this purpose. However, keep in mind the legal restrictions and terms of service.

10. Can I download only the audio from a YouTube video?

Yes, you can extract and download the audio from a YouTube video using online services or software that allows you to save videos as audio files, such as “mp3” or “m4a.”

11. Is it safe to download YouTube videos using online services?

While most popular online downloaders are safe to use, there is always a potential risk associated with downloading files from the internet. It is advisable to use trusted websites and run reliable anti-virus software.

12. Do these methods work for other video-sharing platforms?

Yes, most of the methods mentioned above work for other video-sharing platforms as well. However, be aware of any specific restrictions or requirements that may apply to different platforms.

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