How to remove Macbook pro battery?

If you are looking to replace or remove the battery on your MacBook Pro, you have come to the right place. Whether you want to upgrade to a higher-capacity battery or need to replace a faulty one, we will guide you through the process step by step. So, let’s get started!


Before you begin, here are a few things you need:

1. A compatible replacement battery for your MacBook Pro model.
2. A small Phillips screwdriver.
3. A clean, static-free work surface.
4. Patience and gentle handling.

Steps to Remove the MacBook Pro Battery

Now, let’s dive into the process of removing the battery from your MacBook Pro:

1. **Turn off your MacBook Pro** and unplug it from any power source. It is essential to ensure that your device is completely powered off before proceeding.

2. **Place your MacBook Pro upside down** on a clean, static-free work surface. This will make it easier to access the battery compartment.

3. **Using a small Phillips screwdriver**, remove the screws holding the battery compartment cover in place. Set the screws aside in a safe place to avoid losing them.

4. **Once the screws are removed**, gently lift the battery compartment cover using your fingers or a plastic spudger. Be careful not to apply too much force or damage the cover.

5. **Locate the battery connector** – a cable connecting the battery to the MacBook Pro’s logic board. Carefully disconnect the connector by pulling it straight upwards.

6. **With the connector detached**, use the small Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws securing the battery to the MacBook Pro’s chassis. Keep the screws separate from the ones for the battery compartment cover.

7. **Now, lift the battery** from the MacBook Pro. Be cautious as the battery may still be connected by adhesive strips. Gently pull the battery away from the adhesive if necessary.

8. **Congratulations! You have successfully removed the MacBook Pro battery**. You can proceed to replace it with a new battery, or simply leave it out if you are troubleshooting or won’t be using your MacBook Pro for an extended period.

Now that you know how to remove the MacBook Pro battery, here are some related FAQs to address other common queries:


1. Can I remove the MacBook Pro battery while it’s powered on?

No, it’s strongly recommended to turn off your MacBook Pro and unplug it from any power source before attempting to remove the battery.

2. Do I need to remove the battery to upgrade my MacBook Pro’s storage or memory?

No, upgrading storage or memory does not require removing the battery. However, it’s always advisable to follow the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer.

3. How can I check if my MacBook Pro battery needs replacement?

You can check your battery’s health and condition by going to the Apple menu, selecting “About This Mac,” clicking on “System Report,” and navigating to the “Power” section. There, you will find information about your battery’s condition.

4. Can I use third-party batteries for my MacBook Pro?

While it is possible to use third-party batteries, it is generally recommended to use genuine Apple batteries or trusted replacements to ensure compatibility and quality.

5. Do I need to calibrate a new MacBook Pro battery?

No, calibration is not required for MacBook Pro batteries.

6. Can I reuse the removed MacBook Pro battery?

It is generally not recommended to reuse removed MacBook Pro batteries. Batteries degrade over time and may not offer the same performance and reliability they once did.

7. Can I replace the MacBook Pro battery myself?

Yes, replacing the MacBook Pro battery is a moderately challenging task, but it can be done by following the appropriate instructions. However, if you are unsure or uncomfortable, it’s always best to seek professional assistance.

8. How long does it take to replace the MacBook Pro battery?

The time required to replace the MacBook Pro battery will vary based on your level of expertise. On average, it can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.

9. Is it safe to remove the MacBook Pro battery?

As long as you follow the proper procedures and handle the MacBook Pro battery with care, it is safe to remove. However, it’s essential to be cautious and avoid damaging the battery or puncturing the enclosure.

10. Will removing the MacBook Pro battery void the warranty?

Removing the battery yourself might void your warranty. It is recommended to check your warranty terms or consult with an authorized service provider before attempting any repairs.

11. Can I replace the MacBook Pro battery without any technical knowledge?

While replacing the battery can be done by following instructions, it is advisable to have some technical knowledge or seek professional help to ensure the process is performed correctly.

12. Are there any dangers associated with removing the MacBook Pro battery?

The primary risks associated with removing the MacBook Pro battery are damaging the battery or other internal components if not done properly. Additionally, mishandling the battery could result in a fire hazard if punctured or exposed to extreme conditions.

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