How to play guilty gear strive on keyboard?

Guilty Gear Strive is an exciting fighting game that has captured the attention of gamers worldwide. While many players prefer to use a controller or arcade stick to play this game, there are also those who enjoy playing it on a keyboard. In this article, we will discuss the steps to play Guilty Gear Strive on a keyboard, as well as address some commonly asked questions related to keyboard gameplay.

How to play Guilty Gear Strive on a keyboard?

To play Guilty Gear Strive on a keyboard, follow these steps:

1. **Connect your keyboard to your gaming device**: Plug in your keyboard to a USB port on your computer or console.

2. **Launch the game**: Start Guilty Gear Strive on your chosen gaming platform.

3. **Navigate to controller settings**: Find the game’s options menu and select the controller settings.

4. **Select keyboard as your input device**: In the controller settings, choose the keyboard as your input device.

5. **Configure your controls**: Customize your keyboard layout according to your preferences. You can assign keys for movement, attacks, special moves, and other functions. Experiment with different layouts until you find the one that feels comfortable for you.

6. **Save your settings**: Once you have configured your controls, make sure to save your settings before exiting the menu.

7. **Practice and adjust**: Spend some time practicing with your keyboard configuration to get used to the controls. You may need to make minor adjustments to optimize your gameplay experience.

8. **Explore advanced settings**: Guilty Gear Strive offers additional settings that can enhance your keyboard gameplay, such as input shortcuts, buffering options, and key bindings for specific actions. Take some time to explore these settings and adjust them to your liking.

Playing Guilty Gear Strive on a keyboard may require a bit of adjustment, especially if you are used to playing with a different input device. However, with practice and perseverance, you can become just as skilled and competitive as players using other control methods.


1. Can I use any keyboard to play Guilty Gear Strive?

Yes, you can use any standard keyboard to play the game. However, mechanical keyboards are often preferred by gamers for their tactile feedback and durability.

2. Can I use a wireless keyboard to play?

Yes, you can use a wireless keyboard as long as it is compatible with your gaming device and has a stable connection.

3. Can I change the default keyboard controls in Guilty Gear Strive?

Yes, you can customize the keyboard controls based on your preferences. The game allows you to reassign keys for different functions.

4. What is the recommended keyboard layout for Guilty Gear Strive?

There isn’t a single recommended layout as it ultimately depends on your comfort and personal preference. Experiment with different configurations to find what works best for you.

5. Are there any specific keys that I should bind for special moves?

No, you can assign any keys to activate special moves. Choose keys that feel comfortable and intuitive for executing these moves.

6. How can I improve my execution on a keyboard?

Practice is key. Spend time in training mode to perfect your timing and execution. Additionally, you can adjust input shortcuts and buffering settings to assist with complex inputs.

7. Is it possible to use macros with a keyboard?

While macros are generally not allowed in competitive play, some casual gamers may choose to use macros to simplify inputs. However, using macros can limit your growth as a player and hinder your learning experience.

8. Can I play Guilty Gear Strive on a keyboard competitively?

Absolutely! Many professional players have achieved great success using keyboards in competitive gaming. It all comes down to personal preference and the amount of practice you put in.

9. Are there any disadvantages to playing Guilty Gear Strive on a keyboard?

Some players may find it challenging to execute complex inputs consistently on a keyboard. However, with practice, these limitations can be overcome.

10. Can I use a keyboard and controller simultaneously in Guilty Gear Strive?

Yes, you can use a combination of both input devices simultaneously. This allows you to take advantage of the strengths of each method.

11. How can I optimize my keyboard for gameplay?

Ensure that your keyboard is clean and free from any debris that might hinder your inputs. Additionally, using keyboards with anti-ghosting or full key rollover features can prevent input conflicts.

12. Can I use keyboard macros to gain an unfair advantage?

Using macros to gain an unfair advantage goes against the spirit of fair play in gaming. It is important to play the game within the rules and limitations set by the developers and the community.

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