How to melee in warzone keyboard?

Warzone, the popular battle royale mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, offers an intense multiplayer experience on various platforms. Whether you’re playing with a controller or a keyboard, knowing how to effectively melee can give you an advantage in close-quarters combat situations. In this article, we will explore how to melee in Warzone using a keyboard and provide answers to some commonly asked questions related to melee combat.

How to melee in Warzone using a keyboard?

**To melee in Warzone using a keyboard, you need to press the default bind for melee, which is the “V” key. Simply press the “V” key to deliver a powerful melee strike to your opponent.**

Now, let’s tackle a few FAQs related to melee combat in Warzone:


1. What are the advantages of melee attacks in Warzone?

Melee attacks can be a quick and silent way to eliminate enemies in close-quarters combat, allowing you to conserve ammunition and catch opponents off guard.

2. Can I change the melee keybind in Warzone?

Yes, you can customize your keybinds in the game’s settings to find a key that suits your playstyle best.

3. How can I perform a melee execution in Warzone?

Approach your opponent from behind while they are unsuspecting, then press the melee key to trigger a melee execution, resulting in an instant kill.

4. Is it possible to use melee attacks while sprinting?

Yes, you can perform a melee attack while sprinting by pressing the melee key while holding down the sprint key.

5. How effective are melee attacks against armored enemies in Warzone?

Melee attacks can still damage armored enemies, but it takes multiple strikes to eliminate them compared to unarmored opponents. It’s often advisable to have a secondary weapon, such as a shotgun or SMG, for such encounters.

6. Can I perform a melee attack while aiming down sights?

No, melee attacks cannot be initiated while aiming down sights. You need to release the aim key before attacking with melee.

7. Are there any melee weapon variants available in Warzone?

Yes, Warzone offers different melee weapon variants that can be obtained through in-game challenges or by purchasing bundles in the in-game store. These melee weapons provide unique animations and sound effects.

8. Can I parry or block melee attacks in Warzone?

No, there is no blocking or parrying mechanic for melee attacks in Warzone. Your best defense is to keep distance or eliminate the opponent before they can reach melee range.

9. Do melee attacks always result in a one-hit kill?

No, while melee attacks can be lethal, certain circumstances, such as enemy perks or armor, can affect the number of strikes required to eliminate an opponent.

10. Can I use melee attacks while prone or crouched?

Yes, melee attacks can be performed in any stance, including prone and crouched positions.

11. How does the Dead Silence Field Upgrade affect melee attacks?

The Dead Silence Field Upgrade provides enhanced movement speed and mutes footsteps, giving you an advantage in close-quarters combat. Utilizing it can amplify the effectiveness of melee attacks.

12. Are there any effective melee strategies in Warzone?

Yes, some effective melee strategies include utilizing melee as a finishing move after weakening opponents with firearms, flanking enemies to catch them by surprise, or using melee to break windows and breach enemy positions.

With these tips and answers to commonly asked questions, you should now have a solid understanding of how to melee in Warzone using a keyboard. Remember to practice and coordinate your melee attacks strategically to maximize their effectiveness. Good luck on the battlefield!

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