How to make keyboard and mouse work on nintendo switch?

Nintendo Switch is a wildly popular gaming console that offers the convenience of both handheld and home gaming experiences. While the console comes with its own set of controllers, many users wonder if it is possible to connect a keyboard and mouse to the Nintendo Switch for enhanced gameplay. In this article, we will explore how to make a keyboard and mouse work on Nintendo Switch, along with some frequently asked questions about this topic.

To have a smooth gaming experience on Nintendo Switch with a keyboard and mouse, you’ll need a little assistance in the form of a USB adapter. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make your keyboard and mouse work on Nintendo Switch:

1. **Get a USB adapter**: Purchase a USB adapter that is compatible with Nintendo Switch. There are several options available in the market, so make sure to choose one that suits your requirements.

2. **Connect the adapter**: Connect the USB adapter to the USB port of your Nintendo Switch dock.

3. **Connect the keyboard and mouse**: Connect your keyboard and mouse to the USB adapter. Ensure that both input devices are compatible with the adapter.

4. **Configure the settings**: Once everything is connected, navigate to the System Settings on your Nintendo Switch. From there, select the Controllers and Sensors tab.

5. **Select Change Grip/Order**: Under the Change Grip/Order section, click on Change Grip/Order button. This will allow you to configure your keyboard and mouse settings.

6. **Press the Sync button**: On the USB adapter, look for a sync button. Press and hold that button until the LED indicator starts blinking. This indicates that the adapter is ready to pair with your Nintendo Switch.

7. **Pair the devices**: On your Nintendo Switch, press the L+R buttons on your controller to enter pairing mode. The console will detect the USB adapter, and you will see a notification on your screen. Press any button on your keyboard or click the mouse to complete the pairing process.

8. **Calibrate the devices**: After pairing your keyboard and mouse, it is recommended to calibrate them for optimal performance. Move the mouse cursor around the screen and test the keyboard keys to ensure they are working correctly.

Now you’re all set! You can enjoy gaming on your Nintendo Switch using a keyboard and mouse for a more precise and comfortable experience.


1. Can I connect any keyboard and mouse to the Nintendo Switch?

While most USB keyboards and mice should work, compatibility can vary. It is always best to check the compatibility of your chosen devices with the USB adapter you plan to use.

2. Will connecting a keyboard and mouse give me an advantage in games?

Keyboard and mouse inputs can offer greater precision and faster response time, particularly in certain game genres. However, it ultimately depends on individual skill and game compatibility.

3. Can I connect wireless keyboards and mice to the Nintendo Switch?

Yes, you can connect wireless keyboards and mice to the Nintendo Switch using a wireless USB adapter. Ensure that the adapter supports the wireless devices you want to connect.

4. Can I use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse with the Nintendo Switch?

Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch does not currently support Bluetooth keyboards and mice. You will need to use a USB adapter for an optimal experience.

5. Do I need to configure the keyboard and mouse for each game?

No, once you have paired your keyboard and mouse with the Nintendo Switch, they should work across all compatible games without the need for additional configuration.

6. Can I use my keyboard and mouse on handheld mode?

No, as of now, keyboard and mouse inputs are only supported in docked mode. The USB adapter is connected to the dock, making it incompatible with handheld gameplay.

7. Are there any specific games that do not support keyboard and mouse input on the Nintendo Switch?

Some games on the Nintendo Switch do not support keyboard and mouse inputs, so it is advisable to check the game’s compatibility before making your purchase.

8. Can multiple keyboards and mice be connected simultaneously?

In most cases, only one keyboard and mouse can be connected at a time. However, certain USB adapters may support multiple devices simultaneously. Check the specifications of your adapter for more details.

9. Can I still use the Joy-Con controllers alongside the keyboard and mouse?

Yes, if you prefer a combination of controls, you can still use the Joy-Con controllers alongside your keyboard and mouse. The USB adapter allows multiple input devices to be connected simultaneously.

10. Is it possible to trade inputs seamlessly between the keyboard and mouse and Joy-Con controllers?

Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch does not currently support seamless trade of inputs between different control methods. You may need to manually switch between the keyboard/mouse and Joy-Con controllers.

11. Can I use a gaming keypad instead of a full-sized keyboard?

Yes, if you prefer a more compact option, gaming keypads can be used instead of a full-sized keyboard. They offer a similar experience with a smaller footprint.

12. Are there any downsides to using a keyboard and mouse on Nintendo Switch?

Some users may find it challenging to adapt to the keyboard and mouse controls, especially if they are used to console controllers. Additionally, not all games are optimized for keyboard and mouse inputs, which may lead to a less enjoyable experience.

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