How to make emojis on pc keyboard?

Emojis have become an integral part of modern communication, adding emotion, personality, and fun to our messages. While smartphones and mobile devices have dedicated emoji keyboards, you can also make emojis on your PC keyboard. In this article, we will explore various methods to create emojis on your PC. So let’s dive in!

**How to make emojis on PC keyboard?**

As there is no direct emoji key on PC keyboards, you may wonder how to make emojis. However, you can create emojis using a combination of keyboard characters and shortcuts. Here are a few methods to make emojis on your PC keyboard:

🙂 and 🙁 for Smile and Frown Emojis

Typing a colon followed by a closing parenthesis (:) will produce a smile emoji, while a colon followed by a dash and an opening parenthesis (:-( ) will create a frown emoji.

😀 and :-O for Grinning and Surprise Emojis

To create a grinning emoji, type a colon, dash, and capital “D” (:-D). For a surprised emoji, use a colon, dash, and capital “O” (:-O).

;), ;(, and ;-P for Winking, Sad, and Playful Emojis

Putting a semicolon and closing parenthesis (;)) will make a winking emoji, while a semicolon and an opening parenthesis (;() creates a sad emoji. Using a semicolon, dash, and capital “P” (;-P) will result in a playful emoji.

^^ and –_– for Happy and Annoyed Emojis

To make a happy emoji, type two carets (^^). Typing two hyphens and an underscore (–_–) will create an annoyed emoji.

<3 for Heart Emoji

Typing a less than symbol and the number three symbol (<3) will result in a heart emoji.

Alt Codes for Various Emojis

You can also use Alt codes to create a variety of emojis on the PC keyboard. Press and hold the Alt key while typing a specific four-digit code on the numeric keypad. Some popular Alt codes include Alt + 1F600 for a grinning face, Alt + 1F602 for a laughing face, and Alt + 1F44D for a thumbs-up emoji.

Copy and Paste Emojis

Another simple method is to copy and paste emojis from websites or other sources. Many websites offer a range of emojis that you can simply copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) into your messages or documents.

Using Emoji Shortcuts

Some popular messaging platforms, such as Slack, offer built-in shortcuts for emojis. For instance, on Slack, typing “:smile:” will automatically convert into a smile emoji. Check the documentation or settings of your messaging platform to see if they have any shortcuts available.


1. Can I make all emojis on my PC keyboard?

No, you may not be able to create all emojis using your PC keyboard. Some emojis are highly complex and require specialized keyboards or additional software.

2. Are there any keyboard combinations for animal emojis?

Yes, you can use keyboard combinations like :3 for a cat, <:3 )~~ for a fish, or @>-‘-,– for a snail.

3. How can I access the numeric keypad on my laptop keyboard?

On most laptops, you can activate the numeric keypad by pressing the Num Lock key, usually located in the top row of the keyboard.

4. Can I use emojis on social media platforms and websites?

Yes, emojis can be used on most social media platforms and websites. You can either copy and paste emoji characters or use platform-specific shortcuts.

5. Can I create emojis using software or applications?

Yes, there are various software programs and applications available that allow you to create emojis with more customization and options. These apps often provide a wide range of emojis to choose from.

6. Is there any emoji picker tool available for PCs?

Yes, many operating systems, such as Windows 10, offer built-in emoji picker tools. You can access them by pressing the Win key + period (.) or using specific key combinations.

7. How can I know the Alt codes for different emojis?

You can find a list of Alt codes for emojis by searching online. There are several websites that provide comprehensive Alt code charts.

8. Can I create emojis using macros or keyboard shortcuts?

Yes, some keyboards or software applications allow you to create macros or keyboard shortcuts for emojis. You can assign specific keystrokes to automatically insert your desired emoji.

9. Are there any keyboard shortcuts for commonly used emojis?

Yes, besides the alt codes, you can often find various keyboard shortcuts specific to different applications or platforms. For example, Ctrl + Shift + B can insert a thumbs-up emoji in some applications.

10. How can I insert emojis in Microsoft Office documents?

In most Microsoft Office applications, you can access emojis through the “Insert” tab. Click on the “Symbol” button and select the “More Symbols” option. A dialog box will appear, allowing you to choose from a wide range of emoticons and symbols.

11. Can I make emojis without a computer or mobile device?

Unfortunately, creating emojis typically requires some digital input, either through a computer or a mobile device. However, you can draw or write emojis on paper or by hand if you prefer an analog approach.

12. How can I create emojis on a Mac keyboard?

Mac users can create emojis by pressing the Command + Control + Spacebar keys simultaneously to open the Character Viewer. From there, you can select and insert emojis into your text or documents.

Emojis have become a language of their own, allowing us to express emotions and ideas in a fun and creative way. While making emojis on a PC keyboard may not be as straightforward as on a smartphone, you now have various methods to unleash your emoji creativity. So go ahead, spice up your messages and enjoy the wonderful world of emojis!

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