How to make a big smiley face with keyboard?

How to make a big smiley face with keyboard?

Have you ever come across those cute big smiley faces made out of keyboard characters and wondered how to make them yourself? Well, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll show you how to create a big smiley face using only the keys on your keyboard. So, get ready to spread some smiles!

To make a big smiley face, follow these simple steps:

1. Begin by pressing the Shift and Colon keys together, which will create a colon (:).
2. Next, type a hyphen (-) to represent the nose of the smiley face.
3. Finally, complete your big smiley face by pressing the Shift and Right Parentheses keys simultaneously, which will give you a closing bracket (]).

Voila! You have just created a big smiley face 🙂

This combination of characters, when viewed from the correct angle, represents a cheerful and friendly smile that can brighten up any conversation or text message.


1. Can I use other characters to create a big smiley face?

Yes, you can experiment with different characters such as equal signs (=) or capital letters (D) to create variations of a big smiley face.

2. Can I change the orientation of the smiley face?

Absolutely! You can flip the smiley face by simply reversing the order of the characters. Instead of starting with a colon, you can begin with a closing bracket and swap the locations of the colon and the closing bracket.

3. Are there any other variations of smiley faces I can make?

Definitely! You can get creative and experiment with different expressions and emotions by adding various characters and symbols. For example, you can use a semicolon (;) instead of a colon to create a winking smiley face.

4. How can I make a smaller smiley face?

To make a smaller smiley face, you can omit the hyphen (-) that represents the nose. Simply begin with a colon and follow it with a closing bracket.

5. Is there a way to make a big smiley face in a chat application or on social media?

Yes! Most chat applications and social media platforms automatically convert certain keyboard characters into emoji representations, including the classic big smiley face. So, just type the conventional keyboard characters and see the magic happen!

6. Can I add some color to my big smiley face?

Unfortunately, using just keyboard characters limits you to creating black and white smiley faces. However, you can explore the various emojis available on your device or application to find colorful representations of smiley faces.

7. How else can I incorporate smiley faces into my texts?

Apart from the big smiley face, you can use different combinations of characters to create various facial expressions or even full emoticons. For example, “:-)” represents a standard smiley face, while “B-)” is a smiley face wearing sunglasses.

8. Can I make a big smiley face with smaller characters?

Yes! By using smaller characters such as periods (.) or commas (,), you can create a big smiley face. However, keep in mind that the proportions might not be as accurate.

9. Are there any shortcuts to create smiley faces?

Yes, many applications and websites provide shortcuts or hotkeys that automatically convert specific character combinations into emojis or smiley faces. Check the settings or options within your preferred application or website to see if any shortcuts are available.

10. How can I remember all these different character combinations?

Practice makes perfect! With regular use, you will remember the various character combinations required to create smiley faces and emoticons. Additionally, you can always refer back to this article as a handy guide.

11. Are there any similar keyboard characters to create bigger smiley faces?

Yes! Instead of using a closing bracket (]), you can experiment with other characters, such as a capital D or an uppercase O, to create more prominent smiley faces.

12. Can I use these keyboard characters to make smiley faces on my smartphone?

Absolutely! Most smartphones come with a default keyboard that allows you to access special characters and symbols, including those required to create smiley faces. Simply find the appropriate keys or enable any smiley face options available on your keyboard to access a range of smiley faces with ease.

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