How to install tails on USB mac?

**How to Install Tails on USB Mac?**
Tails, also known as The Amnesic Incognito Live System, is a privacy-focused operating system that allows users to browse and communicate on the internet anonymously. If you’re a Mac user and want to install Tails on a USB drive for secure browsing, follow these steps:

1. **Prepare a USB Drive:** Start by selecting a USB drive with a minimum of 8GB storage capacity. Ensure it’s empty, as all data will be erased during the installation process.
2. **Download the Tails ISO Image:** Visit the official Tails website and download the Tails ISO image file compatible with Mac.
3. **Open Disk Utility:** On your Mac, launch Disk Utility by navigating to Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility.
4. **Erase USB Drive:** Insert the USB drive and select it from the left sidebar in Disk Utility. Then click on the “Erase” tab and choose a suitable name and format for the drive (preferably “MS-DOS (FAT)”).
5. **Confirm Erase Action:** Double-check the selected drive name and format, followed by clicking on the “Erase” button. Disk Utility will erase the USB drive and prepare it for the Tails installation.
6. **Install Tails on USB Drive:** Launch the Tails Installer by right-clicking on the Tails ISO image file and choosing “Open With” > “Tails Installer.”
7. **Choose USB Drive:** In the Tails Installer window, select the USB drive you want to install Tails on from the drop-down menu.
8. **Start Installation:** Click on the “Install” button to begin the Tails installation process. Confirm any prompts or warnings that may appear.
9. **Set Up an Additional Persistent Storage:** If you want to save files and settings between Tails sessions, you can set up persistent storage. Follow the on-screen instructions during the installation process to allocate persistent storage.
10. **Finish Installation:** Wait for the installation process to complete. This might take a few minutes.
11. **Restart Your Mac:** Once the installation is finished, restart your Mac.
12. **Boot from USB Drive:** As your Mac restarts, press and hold the “Option” key until the boot menu appears. Choose the USB drive with Tails installed and press “Enter.”
13. **Start Using Tails on Mac:** Tails will now start up from the USB drive, allowing you to browse the internet privately and securely.


1. What is Tails?

Tails (The Amnesic Incognito Live System) is a privacy-focused operating system that enhances anonymity while browsing the internet.

2. Why should I install Tails on a USB drive instead of my computer?

Running Tails from a USB drive allows you to maintain your privacy and security, as it leaves no traces on your computer’s hard drive.

3. Is Tails compatible with Mac computers?

Yes, Tails is compatible with Mac computers. Just make sure to download the Tails ISO image specifically designed for Mac.

4. Can I use any USB drive for installing Tails?

Yes, you can use any USB drive with a minimum of 8GB storage capacity to install Tails.

5. Will installing Tails erase all data on my USB drive?

Yes, the installation process requires formatting the USB drive, which erases all existing data. So, make sure to back up any important files before proceeding.

6. How much persistent storage should I allocate?

The amount of persistent storage you allocate depends on your needs. Generally, a larger allocation allows for more files and settings to be saved between Tails sessions.

7. Can I use the same USB drive for other purposes after installing Tails?

Yes, you can repurpose the USB drive for other uses by reformatting it, but doing so will erase Tails.

8. Can I update Tails on the USB drive?

Yes, you can update Tails on the USB drive by following the official Tails update instructions.

9. Can I use Tails on other computers?

Yes, you can use the USB drive with Tails installed on other compatible computers by simply booting from the USB drive.

10. Is Tails completely secure and anonymous?

While Tails provides enhanced security and anonymity, no system is entirely foolproof. It’s crucial to use additional security measures and follow best practices while browsing.

11. Can I recover my data if my Tails USB drive is lost or damaged?

Unfortunately, data recovery is challenging with Tails as its design aims to protect your privacy. Ensure to regularly back up any valuable data to separate storage.

12. Can I use Tails alongside my regular operating system?

Yes, Tails can be used alongside your regular operating system. When you’re done with Tails, simply restart your computer without the USB drive, and it’ll boot into your regular system.

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