How to install an ethernet wall plate?

In this era of advanced technology, having a reliable internet connection throughout your home or office is essential. While Wi-Fi is convenient, sometimes a wired Ethernet connection is more stable and provides faster speeds. Installing an Ethernet wall plate allows you to connect your devices seamlessly. In this article, we will guide you through the process of installing an Ethernet wall plate step by step.

Materials you will need:

  • Ethernet wall plate
  • Low voltage mounting bracket
  • Screwdriver
  • Measuring tape
  • Utility knife
  • Pencil or marker
  • Network cable

The steps to install an Ethernet wall plate:

Step 1: Preparing the wall

The first step is to select a suitable location for your Ethernet wall plate. Choose a spot where you want to have a wired connection and check if there is enough space behind the wall for the wiring.

Step 2: Preparing the low voltage mounting bracket

Take the low voltage mounting bracket and align it with the hole where you want to install the Ethernet wall plate. Mark the screw points with a pencil or marker.

Step 3: Cutting the hole

Using a utility knife, carefully cut out the hole following the marked outline. Take your time to ensure a clean and precise cut.

Step 4: Attaching the low voltage mounting bracket

Insert the low voltage mounting bracket into the hole and secure it to the wall using screws provided with the bracket. Make sure it is tightly attached and flush with the wall.

Step 5: Preparing the network cable

Strip about one inch of the outer insulation from the network cable using a wire stripper. Untwist and separate the individual wire pairs.

Step 6: Connecting the wires

Identify the color-coded wires according to the wiring standards (T568A or T568B). Insert each wire into the corresponding slot on the back of the Ethernet wall plate. Ensure the wires are fully inserted and making proper contact.

Step 7: Securing the Ethernet wall plate

Carefully push the Ethernet wall plate onto the low voltage mounting bracket until it snaps into place. Check if it sits flush against the wall.

Step 8: Testing the connection

Once the Ethernet wall plate is securely in place, connect the other end of the network cable to your router or modem. Plug in a device, such as a computer or laptop, into the Ethernet wall plate and verify if you have a working wired connection.

How to install an Ethernet wall plate?
To install an Ethernet wall plate, you need to prepare the wall, cut a hole, attach the low voltage mounting bracket, prepare the network cable, connect the wires, secure the Ethernet wall plate, and test the connection.


1. Can I install an Ethernet wall plate on any wall?

Yes, you can install an Ethernet wall plate on any interior wall that has enough space behind it for wiring.

2. Is it necessary to cut a hole in the wall?

Yes, cutting a hole in the wall is necessary to install the low voltage mounting bracket and the Ethernet wall plate.

3. Which wiring standard should I follow when connecting the wires?

You can follow either the T568A or T568B wiring standard for Ethernet connections. Ensure consistency throughout your network.

4. Can I use an existing network cable?

Yes, you can use an existing network cable if it is in good condition and has the necessary length to reach your desired location.

5. Do I need to turn off my router or modem during the installation process?

It is not necessary to turn off your router or modem during the installation. However, exercise caution when handling wiring near electrical outlets.

6. What tools do I need for the installation?

You will need a screwdriver, measuring tape, utility knife, pencil or marker, and a wire stripper.

7. Can I install multiple Ethernet wall plates in different rooms?

Yes, you can install multiple Ethernet wall plates in different rooms to expand the wired network throughout your home or office.

8. Can I connect a device directly to the Ethernet wall plate without a router?

No, an Ethernet wall plate needs to be connected to a router or modem to establish an internet connection.

9. How do I troubleshoot if the wired connection is not working?

Check if the network cable is securely connected at both ends, ensure no wires are loose, and verify the router or modem settings.

10. Can I paint or decorate the Ethernet wall plate?

It is not recommended to paint or decorate the Ethernet wall plate as it may interfere with its functionality.

11. Can I install an Ethernet wall plate in a commercial building?

Yes, you can install an Ethernet wall plate in a commercial building. However, consider consulting professionals for larger-scale installations.

12. Can I use an Ethernet wall plate for other purposes?

Ethernet wall plates are specifically designed for networking purposes. Using them for other purposes may not yield the desired results.

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